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Data Interpretation Test 1

Question 1: How many monkeys are there on the two trees together ? (A) When five monkeys jump from the first tree to the second, there are six times as many monkeys on the second tree as there are on the first tree. (B) The total number of monkeys is a multiple of 5 and less than 40 ...

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Data Interpretation Test 2

Question 1: What is the value of a two-digit number? (A) The sum of digits of the number is 10 (B) If the number is subtracted from its reversed number the result is 72 ...

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Data Interpretation Test 3

Question 1: Why did the merger of the companies ‘A’ & ‘B’ not take place? I. The chief executive officer of the company ‘A’ expired before signings the document II. The employees of company ‘B’ did not approve of the merger III. The company ‘A’ got a better offer from another company ‘C’ IV. The infrastructure of company ‘A’ cannot produce the product of company          ‘B’ V. The market value of the products of company ‘A’ dropped suddenly. ...

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