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Sounds interesting!!

And in fact ,it actually is! At least to those who spend innumerable nights getting hold of the orkut principles, because orkut has penetrated so deep into the lives of most of college students that some of us live almost another complete life at orkut; and so it definitely needs a special mention at this point of time. Popularity of orkut has no doubt grown drastically which is an old piece of news now and so I chose to move ahead of it taking its phenomenal presence, for granted.

Each of those millions of ‘profiles’ live another busy social life on the screen, the minutest of their emotions, most often, feature as the ‘taglines’ which follow their name or in some cases even replace it. Nobody can wait to alter their taglines just as a new ‘event’ occurs in their life and needs instant public attention. In the pool of those 300+ friends that most of them have, everybody seems to have put all their effort into making their profiles look ‘lively’, these ‘profiles’ live a life busier than their self indeed.

Every second person seems to have put his/her Heartaches on the infinite ’free blue sky’ of orkut.

Later these become somebody else’s Headaches and other’s Stomachaches because then the new updates take the round of gossipmongers !! Stomach aches because a few of us just cant wait to serve it with spices all around the communities and friend circles so that another event takes no longer to occur.

Another adventure added is the ‘recent visitors’ list...and it hardly needs any explanation I suppose !

And who can miss out that now who can miss out a friend’s birthday even when you have always had a memory problem.

Its the best place for publicity!! Here just every another person is a celebrity and that’s the best part of it. Too many eyes are set on every activity of yours and your updates are just a click away!!

Those who are here just for the sake of registering their presence, use the option of ‘scrap to all’ and get rid of the responsibility of scrapping your friends regularly. Even the slightest pain isn’t required to ‘keep in touch’ without even remembering who they actually are sending scraps to!!

That’s the way how we have ‘outsourced’ so many of our responsibilities to orkut. Hope very soon it would also start writing ‘testimonials’ on your behalf .

What makes an eye catching headline every now and then are the newest techniques of javascript which has almost revolutionized its world...nothing is ‘locked’ anymore and nothing is impossible!!

But the sight of scraps which have travelled straight from “vaishnodevi or sai baba...etc right into your scrapbook to be sent to some 10-15 friends ELSE......bla bla bla......”,definitely spoil the treat.

But never mind this since this is the best time to visit your enemies’ (though they all feature in your ‘so called friend list’) scrapbooks and paste it with a sorry message at the end!

Time for me to logout before the reader clicks ‘report abuse’...:)

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