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You guys must have heard the news about the reservations in premier institutions. The current debate about 27% OBC reservation and sufficient access to educational institutions poses various questions to the stakeholders.

Post liberalization, institutions of higher education are emerging as global competitors especially in the area of professional education. At the same time, larger numbers of Indian achievers and achievements have contributed to recognition of India as a knowledge hub, and the Indian economy as a predominantly knowledge-based economy.

However, it is sad to note that even as institutions like IIT, IIM and NIT gain global recognition and respect, our politicians have been focused on how to meddle with their administration. From Murli Manohar Joshi of the BJP to Arjun Singh of the Congress, they have found the ways to needle these institutions, interfere with their management and attempt to bring about a dilution in their high standards, instead of encouraging them to go global while maintaining high standards of performance.

New Delhi Medical Students are on Hunger Strike

The anti-reservations protests are spreading across the country. Police in Mumbai  lathicharged medical students.

"The television footage of merciless lathicharge, got back the memories of the British Raj. The only difference is that the lathis were in the hands of the like colored citizens of our democratic country"

"The lathicharge at a peaceful protest...what does it remind you of? Remember Jalliawala Bagh?"

"Youth has awaken and they fear just that"

"India is being regarded as the world's intellectual capital. Increasing reservations will not only hamper merit, it will also make other countries suspect Indian talent. The entire quota system should be abolished."

The whole issue of reservations has created uproar throughout the student community in India. Now its even sweeping through various other communities as Lawyers, IT professionals joining in too. The Govt. is planning on increasing the seats to offset the reeducation caused by the quota. IIMA, Infosys including Narayana Murthy is against this hike in the number of seats. An insightful question was raised by some one in our discussion. Hike in seats, should automatically imply a proper hike in infrastructure and other facilities? This has not been promised? Even if hike comes, does this really help? or does this dilute the quality of education? Use comments sections and start a meaningful discussion.

On Friday evening, anti-reservation protestors at JNU were taking out a peaceful candlelight march along with students from IIT Delhi. However, the pro-reservation JNU students, who mostly belong to or sympathies with the Left, didn't approve. They tried to stop the IIT students from entering the campus and followed by complete chaos and mayhem. One girl was severely injured in the clash.

Govt. says it loud, clear: OBC quota from June '07

The quota debate is gathering storm and the doctors have entered the ninth day of hunger strike but the Government does not seem to be relenting. Government today announced that 27% reservations for OBC's will be implemented from June 2007. The Centre now has a new target. Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Meira Kumar has said that the private sector will be given two years to introduce reservations voluntarily. Kumar has said that if the private sector does not do the same within the set time limit, then the Government will be forced to bring in a law to that effect.

The Government wouldn't want to roll back on the decision they made. Now the PM says the reservations are done deal. But the protests against reservations are stepping up as the people from different sectors in the country are joining the cause. Now the agitations intensified in states like MP, Gujarat and around the country. Now the AIIMS Faculty Association has decided to go on mass casual leave on Thursday to support the anti-quota agitation by medicos.

"We express our deep feelings for the medicos and appeal to the government to come out with some solution keeping in mind the students' demand. Some of our traders also shut their markets in the first half," said Praveen Khandelwal, secretary general of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT).

Hunger strike by "Youth for Equality" in Delhi reached 13th day. These guys need your help, We encourage you to read this.

The bottom line is no matter what these politicians say, this will hamper development of future India.

Time has come!! Arjun Singh as a resemblance to "Rang De Basanti" defense minister( villian). Just got to see how we "Yuva" will face him and other corrupt politicians continously denigrating and abusing the system. Of course, I'm curious to see who will resemble Siddharth and Amir Khan and "END" this era of dirty politics. Desperate situations call for desperate measure. Its better if Mr.Singh goes and hides somewhere!!!

Reservation based on Caste is first in the world, and India keeps it going for last 50 years and will keep it perrenial. Reservation is a public torture for a poor Forward caste guy. So its ok that forward caste poor guy can't study, but its not ok if a backward caste guy can't study. How foolish it can be. Can we open our eyes, spread our ideas on internet, and popularize the motives of these corrupt politicians. There are already enough of these lame students, in RECs, who study nothing, because Govt says, since u r backward, u just go to college, but dont need to study, we got ur job reserved too. India wake-up...Rang De Basanthi is a movie, lets show something practical.

Goverment says reservations are for uplifting of backward classes. So Even after 50 years of implementing this ( more than two generations time ) govt is seeing no enough result. Atlest now the nation should realise, Reservations is an useless way.

In no way should this reservation system be allowed to hinder the basic rights of deserving minds of so called high class people.

There is no end to this reservation on basis of castism.

Already the govt. has plans to introduce quota in "Private" sector. Which the private sector has opposed unanimously.

The quality of Human Resource must not be compromised as it will have a drastic impact on the future of the nation.

Koi Kuch Bhi Kar ley, kitne pani mein bhi Dubo dey desh ko "MERIT WILL ALWAYS WIN"- Merit has that power!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!

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