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Come August and everyeducational institute in India experiences a mass flow of studentstowards them. With high dreams and responsibilities of theirs, as wellas their parents, the young minds meet together to explore the worldand bring it on to their feet. Dreams float around them and the changefrom school days is a welcome to all. Away from home, landing into adifferent place is painful, but making new friends; new peer groups iswhat everyone dreams. Aim for a scintillating career, to support theirfamily, to help Dad after retirement and the will to conquer the worldalways buzzes around. Excitement and thrill comes together. With burdenon the back and dreams on the mind, and some amount of adaptation fear,anxious mind meets together under the mind tree to explore the world.

But does the new environment suits one and all? Wearing the same jacket, is it possible ?

A sharp 'NO' comes from all the corners! But why ?

Friends,are you expecting your new college, your new hostel, to be a bed ofroses ? So, are you expecting your entrance into the industry as easy ashaving a cup of coffee ? And even having a cup of coffee can take you tothe dentist- the ultimate pain giver!! And if 'YES', you are thinkingthat someone will be waiting with roses in hand, I can just advice youto ask your Dad to open up a college for you - you only!!!

Friends, I want to ask you one thing. May I ?

Whenyou first entered a new college, what the seniors asked from you? Is itnot that they want you to be extra polite, extra obedient and extraloyal? So what they want is to be just extra mannered. By this way,they are pushing the standard of behavior up to the next level only. Sowhat's wrong in that ? Don't you want to be well mannered ?

Believe me these seniors are not the jailers and you the prisoners. It's just a matter of time that all these thingswill be very normal to you. Seniors are not the dogs and nor you theirbone! So just 'Chilla' (chill out + relax). Give some time and what they are doing is justmaking you ready for the industry. And friends, industry is hot inside.So wait and see.

And to thoseparents, who think that what we face here is ragging. Don't you wantyour child to grow up and face the world ? Face the challenges that arestored in the industry ? Sir, please be supportive and help your siblingsucceed. Help him come out of this hiccup.

But,and is quite a big 'but', Ragging in any form is strictly condemnable.Whether in the form of 'introduction' or mental harassment, they shouldbe avoided. Here proper dealing the situation is the need of the hour.Just think why you only? Why not the one sitting next to you? Maybe youare not fitting on to the chair properly and hence you are the onebeing called. So be very tactful and come out of all these. Theultimate mantra is 'Be short and polite'.

So, hope this little piece help you come out of the hiccups and have a nice stay at the hostel…. at the college……

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