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Hi! My name is Antarctica, the white continent of mother earth. I was leftby my fellow brothers near the South Pole. About 300 million years ago,we were all a part of one super continent, called Pangaea. In Greek, Pangaea means ‘All Land’. It was about 200,000 sq. km in area, about 40% of the total surface of earth. Only one ocean, Panthalissa, surrounded us.

Incourse of time, Pangaea broke into two huge continents, Eurasia andGondwanaland. A sea named Tethys separated the two. It did not takelong time for the two huge continents to split further into smallerones. Eurasia broke into North America, Asia and Europe. Gondwanalandbroke into the Indian mass, South America, Australia, Africa and me.

Don’task me why we all broke apart. We were helpless. An external force, thecontinental drift was the villain and continues to be so. When the hugestones from the space fell on the earth, they broke the cooling crustinto several pieces, called ‘Plates’. These plates began to drift onthe hot fluid below them. As the fluid moves, the plates drift.

ThenIce Age came. Some claim that mother earth was then passing through adust cloud in space. The dust did not allow the heat of the sun toreach earth’s surface and therefore cooling set in. Others claim thatthe cooling was due to tilt in axis of rotation of earth. Whatever thefactor, a cooling did set in all over the world. It resulted in myunconsciousness.

When I regainedconsciousness, I felt something very cold and heavy lying on the top ofme. It then dawned on me that I was completely covered with a thick icesheet. I was no more what I used to be; yes – a huge flat plateau onthe east side, which is now called East Antarctica and on the otherside, a group of mountain peaks, now called West Antarctica. The tworegions are divided by the present Horlickand Pensacola mountains. I was simply a huge pack of frozen ice whichhad shortened my height by as much as 600 meters. Nevertheless, Icontinue to be the highest continent.

While I layunconscious, several wonderful things had happened on my brothercontinents, which I came to know of but recently. The Pleistocene IceAge came and went, causing deaths and destruction. Man emerged duringthis period, about 8 million years ago. In due course, he began to doagriculture. He created civilizations never seen before. I missedseeing all this! Man made several attempts to reach me!

SeveralEuropean explorers explored near me but in the year 1819 AD only thatthey actually discovered me. The first one was explorer Fabian Gottlieb Bellingshausen(Today, 20 Sept, is his Birthday). Then with that starting human camehere regularly and also set up camps on me! An American explorer,Charles Wilkes gave me the name ‘Antarctica’. Thanks!

Themost exciting event that had happened on me was the race to the SouthPole. Of all the men who have been here, I cannot forget two, theBritish Commander Robert Falcon Scott and the Norwegian RoaldAmundsen, who ran a race to the South Pole. It was a deadly race foughtwith dangers – and it proved fatal for Scott. This goal was achieved byAmundsen on 14th December 1911 at 3 PM GMT. 

Youmay wonder why I have taken the courage to hold a pen and writesomething about myself. It is a sense of urgency that had forced me towrite immediately, although it is so cold here that your fingers soonbecome numb. It is not that I fear my icy existence threatened with thearrival of men but I am genuinely worried about the whole world. If Iam not taken proper care of, I fear the occurrence of a globalcatastrophe as devastating as a nuclear war, if not more. I amtherefore writing to you so that you try to stand guard over me andresist and defend my existence – your existence as well.

Manhas all the intelligence, knowledge and resources in the world topreserve me and my inhabitants. Yet, I am scared of those greedy menwho will cause misery to the rest of the mankind, as they had done tomy brother continents.

I have written thislong story about myself in spite of my numb fingers and adverseweather. Do remember me and my message. Do come and see me sometime.Till then……………….. Goodbye!

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Nice writeup

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Tremendous job buddyyyy.....expecting more from u.....
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Great article man i've seen bottle openers and inning openers before but this one my friend is and eye opener!!!!