Operators In C Language - Online Test

Test Difficulty Level: Medium

Syllabus of Test

Knowledge of Operators in C Programming Language

Sample Question from this online test:

Question: The operator / can be applied to

Option A: Integer values

Option B: Float values

Option C: Double values

Option D: All of these

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MANJUNATH HOSAMANI on 2011-02-01 10:25:20 wrote,


Mohammad Azharuddin on 2011-04-01 14:50:29 wrote,

nice exprnce........

nuthan murarysetty on 2011-04-22 16:59:49 wrote,


hema ikkurthi on 2011-05-31 12:58:40 wrote,

i think,the output of 12th one is 14

Bikram Das on 2011-07-14 10:32:50 wrote,

the precedence order of * is greater than any other given in that list

tushar joshi on 2011-07-15 05:44:38 wrote,

little confusing

ashlesha kulkarni on 2011-08-19 12:03:04 wrote,

question 12th is wrong

vipin sharma on 2011-12-10 15:05:24 wrote,

poor test

muhammed najath on 2012-09-03 09:33:49 wrote,


Saqib Ali on 2012-09-28 04:40:01 wrote,

nice one...