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Question: The type of code found in Code-Behind class is

Option A: Server-side code

Option B: Client-side code

Option C: Both A) and B)

Option D: None of the above

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gajendra kumar jena on 2009-05-28 09:43:01 wrote,

can u give explanations for ques.16,6 & 5

Rahul jha on 2009-08-17 19:00:20 wrote,

nice....enjoyed a lot................

nitin jaiswal on 2010-12-13 09:47:05 wrote,


hemendra Rawal on 2011-04-12 07:08:42 wrote,


ramakrishna k on 2011-05-07 05:03:22 wrote,


ShanmugaPriya Siddananthan on 2011-05-11 17:04:19 wrote,

nice :)

Dnyandev Kamble on 2011-05-25 03:24:40 wrote,

can u give the answers with explanation...nice

yogesh gupta on 2011-05-25 06:18:11 wrote,

Thats good.....

Anoj Kumar on 2011-06-06 05:32:14 wrote,

Nice to attend test and scored good.

Reddy Sai on 2011-06-27 06:51:59 wrote,


hemendra rawal on 2011-07-15 06:59:29 wrote,


manish kumar on 2011-08-07 05:32:40 wrote,

nice ;;;;;;

md zahir ansari on 2011-08-09 21:12:33 wrote,


kanimozhi alagarasan on 2012-08-09 05:13:15 wrote,


aman singh on 2012-08-23 10:05:23 wrote,

Nice one

Sudha Naidu on 2013-01-11 08:05:00 wrote,

what is difference between system.writ() and system.output.write()?
please answer me.....

Makarand Shanbhag on 2013-05-15 09:54:34 wrote,

Tujya aaichi Bh

Makarand Shanbhag on 2013-05-15 09:54:35 wrote,

Tujya aaichi Bh

Parvin Jadav on 2013-05-17 08:05:11 wrote,


pratibha kamaji on 2013-05-20 11:24:09 wrote,


anni Q on 2013-06-15 10:52:25 wrote,