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Adobe Flash - previously called Shockwave Flash and Macromedia Flash - is a set of multimedia technologies developed and distributed by Adobe Systems and earlier by Macromedia. Since its introduction in 1996, Flash technology has become a popular method for adding animation and interactivity to web pages; Flash is commonly used to create animation, advertisements, various web page components, to integrate video into web pages, and more recently, to develop rich Internet applications.( Here we have used Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. )

The Basic Objects and Designing tools are simple and easy to use.

1. To start Adobe Flash CS3 Professional go to Start Menu>All Program>Adobe Flash CS3 Professional.


2. Now you will see a Welcome Screen. This Window contains the most basically used tasks. To Create a New Project click under Create New>Flash File(Action Script 2.0)


3. After Creating you will see the basic Platform where you will be able to create your objects


  • This is the TimeLine and Frames window where the time by time frames are located.
  • This part is the main Window where you design the object & all the motion takes place.
  • This is the Property Box of the Window where you can Set the size, background colour, frame rate (Number of frames per second).

To change the Size we click on size tab and one window is opened where you can change the Frames Rates, Window Size and other properties of window.


3. We have selected a frame rate of 12fps so to make a 4 seconds Flash Movie we require 48 frames. So initially we can see that we have only one frame now on the timeline right click on the 48th frame and you will see...


4. To insert a frame click on Insert frame. Then you will see that all the frames between 1 and 48 are filled and they contain the same object relatively.


5. Now on left side you can see the toolbox window. The Text option which is 6th from the top & then draw the area where you wanted to draw the text and then write the text inside it.


6. After creating the text click on the first frame from the Timeline window and right click on it and you will see....


7. To create motion of the text click on Create Motion Tween. By this you have defined that the object(text) has a motion inside the window. Now you have to define the path of motion. To create motion, click on the first frame to the define the starting position of motion of the object by the use of Selection tool which is on the top in the Toolbox window.


8. Now click on the frame till where you wanted the motion to take place. (I have taken the last frame as the finishing frame) Now define the position where you wanted the object to be in the last of the motion. After that you will see an arrow which define that a continuous motion has taken place.

  • If wanted to create multiple path or motion just click on the frame and then define the position of object and the motion will take automatically with a continuous motion.


9. Now to test the movie that you have created go to Control tab > then Test Movie. A screen will appear that will show the motion.



10. Now this movie is to be converted into swf extension to be played in flash player. Go to file option File>Export>Export Movie.


11. Give the location you wanted to save the Movie.


12. Now you will see the window which configures the performance your flash movie but for you need not to worry about right now and click on OK button to save the movie.


13. Now your flash movie is created where you have given the location. But that will be the compressed form the project such that you can't make any changes in it so you must also save the project file which has the extension fla. Go to File>Save as, and give the location where you wanted to save the project file.


Now with the help this tutorial you are able to make a simple moving text in FLASH. But through this you can do more than this if you practice with it.

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