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Test Difficulty Level: Medium

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C++ Language: Questions based on the basic of C++ Language.

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Question: The notation of ternary operator is -

Option A: &

Option B: ?:

Option C: ~

Option D: %

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poorvi tiwari on 2009-02-27 13:32:27 wrote,

question-7 answer is totally wrong my answer was correct
in c++ newline character is denoted by \n not /n
please check it properly my answer was right \question-7

poorvi tiwari on 2009-02-27 13:35:20 wrote,


Rajesh Kumar Gupta on 2009-02-27 13:42:56 wrote,

@poorvi tiwari,
Hi, thnkx for giving the suggestion. We will definitely arrange tests for these kind of topics. Actutally we are preparing for this.

gajendra kumar jena on 2009-03-13 22:45:35 wrote,

excelent yar

sahaya lenin on 2009-03-17 14:09:19 wrote,

Question 20 :

Which of the following is an error statement in C++ array declaration?

Option A: int exforsys(10);

Option B: float exforsys[5][5];

Option C: nt exforsys[5];

Option D: None of the above

Your Answer: C

Correct Answer: A

Unbelievable. You are giving wrong answers. Firs is the initialization allowed in C++. But you stated that as wrong ??/

Pradeep Kumar on 2009-04-13 13:59:56 wrote,

It is correct "int exforsys(10)" is not an array declation

prathinitha rashari on 2010-12-05 06:13:01 wrote,

It is very useful.I can improve myself.now I can get more knwledge about c++.

manish patidar on 2011-05-10 18:36:22 wrote,


archana kandachar on 2011-05-27 14:52:45 wrote,


Nitesh Kumar on 2011-08-28 12:13:52 wrote,


swapnil patil on 2012-03-23 10:55:19 wrote,

I got almost out marks but due to last wrong spelled question i got 95 %......................................

mridu sahu on 2012-12-07 09:45:50 wrote,

hi,it is good one for begginer

sandhya r p on 2014-02-13 05:03:37 wrote,

great job....its realy too good...