General Science: Test 7 - Online Test

Test Difficulty Level: Easy

Syllabus of Test

General Science: Question based on basic General Science.

Sample Question from this online test:

Question: The filament of an electric bulb is of ?

Option A: low melting point

Option B: high melting point

Option C: very low melting point

Option D: low resistance

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Ashutosh Singh on 2009-02-14 02:31:50 wrote,

Good Que...

Rajesh Kumar Gupta on 2009-02-14 09:08:23 wrote,

@Ashutosh Singh
thnkx dear ......... your appreciation will really help us.

kinal gada on 2009-05-28 14:48:53 wrote,

I m so glad to have such tests so that i can check my mental ability,it helps to figure it out how much exact knowledge we hv about various topics.