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Object Oriented Programming: Question Based on general definitions and basic concept.

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Question: Many modern programming languages depend largely or exclusively on the concept of objects: a close ______ binding of data to the operations that can be performed upon that data.

Option A: automatic

Option B: enigmatic

Option C: pragmatic

Option D: syntactic

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Aman Kumar on 2008-11-13 00:45:18 wrote,

kya bakwas hai ye

Rajesh Kumar Gupta on 2008-11-13 00:54:20 wrote,

Dear Friend Aman,
This not a 'BAKWAS'. It is a general test on Object Oriented Programming, you wrote this comment even you hav't take the test just take the test and then wrote up the comments.

sachiv kumar on 2009-09-29 09:37:35 wrote,

work hard

nikhil verma on 2011-02-03 11:59:33 wrote,

i think u need to put this test in some other topic...
i do'nt think that it is a OOP based test...

NARASING RAO T on 2011-03-02 05:31:36 wrote,

As you only give name "GENERAL TEST" ,
You would have placed it in some other category

vij ton on 2011-07-25 16:37:23 wrote,

kitnae lambae lambae ques h yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!