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Greed can be found in almost any culture or society in the world, but what is it and why has it become so widespread? Greed can be described as "an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth" ( The degree of greed has certainly taken on a whole new level in the past few decades. One might suggest that greed is just part of human nature. Are we not always striving for more? We send our children off to college and hope that they will come out with an education that will allow them never to have to worry about money. The questions are, will we ever actually stop worrying about money even when we already have enough to live well on, and how can this plague of greed be suppressed? Both money and greed are everywhere, and they have had some very negative effects on this world.

We need to realize the fact that first we need to be human and without greed also we can survive.

Greed is an essential Human Quality and is neccesary for most people.

The Most Powerful Nation on Earth is The United States of America, a dominant economic and military hegemony...the system of trade is based upon capitalism.... without greed one cannot survive simply because without greed you have a lack of incentive to work or gain a large amount of money.

If people were not to make substantial money they would not spend money -

  • According to the theory of Keynesian economics, consumer spending is necessary for economic growth.
  • Without economic growth, the largest nation in the world would enter a recession and then a depression
  • Moreso, because all economies on earth on interlinked one way or another, the largest nation entering an economic downturn would have repercussions the international community....
  • As many of us know, when nations enter large scale conflicts they tend to build thier own supplies to stimulate economic growth..this would inevitably happen leading to large scale conflicts with major economic and military powers and possibly lead to nuclear war.

So because it is neccesary to preserve peace, greed is an essential human quality.

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