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TV adverts during kids' programmes should be banned because children are getting too hung up about the latest toys and gadgets, a new report says.

A group of experts looked at how kids live their lives for the report called The Good Childhood Inquiry.

Companies put advertisements on TV to try to sell more of their products.

But the report says adverts aimed at kids under 12 should be banned and there shouldn't be any ads for alcohol or unhealthy food before 9pm.

Penny Nicholls from The Children's Society said the group had spoken to kids about the pressure advertising puts them under.

Kids views on TV advert ban

"What we do know is that having things doesn't necessarily make you happy, and the thought of not being able to have things often makes people very unhappy," she said.

There are TV adverts for all sorts of things like gadgets, toys and magazines.

There aren't any ads on CBBC, but banning them would be bad news for other children's channels who make money from showing them.


They use the cash from adverts to make programmes and help pay for actors, presenters, cameramen or making cartoons.

The idea of banning kids' adverts is just a recommendation from the society, and is unlikely to happen any time soon.

The government would need to be convinced to change the law first.

And not everyone agrees that kids' adverts should be banned.

The people that represent the advertising industry say there's plenty of research that shows adverts can actually help kids feel good.


And other people think a ban would be pointless because children would still watch ads between TV shows aimed at kids and adults, like soaps or football matches.

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