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‘Ethic’ is an idea or moral belief that influences the behavior, the attitudes, and the philosophy of a group of people. Ethics can change from people to people. What one man considers as an ethic may be a sin for another. Food on the other hand is universal. You might be wondering how food is universal. What one man considers as food can be poison for another. But the main purpose of food is to synthesize energy for the continuity of life itself. Food is a necessity for man as well as plants and animals and hence ‘Food is universal’. Ethics differentiate between man and the rest.

Consider a man, Narayan, who is the lone source of income for his entire family. He has two children, a wife, and a widowed mother suffering from paralysis. Narayan is not as lucky as your and my parents are. He gets six thousand a month and yet he dreams of educating his children in the best English medium school in town, buying his wife the best Banarasi Saree, and treating his old mother in the most hi-tech nursing home. Is this un-ethical? No. But when it comes to making his dream a reality, there is doubt in every one’s mind. ‘He must be accepting bribes’, some of you would start thinking when you see his children coming out of the school. He does. So what? Does this become unethical? Who are you to answer for him? Who are you to say what is ethical to him? I am quite sure that Narayan is pleased with himself to carry out his responsibility as a family man. To him, not satisfying his family’s needs would be the most unethical. He would do anything to remain ethical. He does not want anything for himself. Nor will he ever tell his family about the ‘source’ of wealth, let alone teach his children to accept bribes. He is a good father, a good husband and a good son. Does a common man like Narayan want anything else? He is in line with his own ethics.

Here is a boy, Rishab, who has come to attend the funeral of his father. The relatives of the deceased are offering red roses to his grave as a symbol of respect and to be ethical to the society. But would Rishab do the same knowing that his father was allergic to the scent of flowers, especially rose? He won’t. He, on the other hand, buried a box of ‘Pan’ (Beetle) beside his father’s grave. ‘How unethical he is?’ some would say. He would be declared mentally imbalanced. He would be treated as a sinner. Only Rishab knows how much his father loved ‘Pan’ and what he did had nothing insane about it. Every son would love to gift his father the things that their father liked. What Rishab did was ethical to him. The ethics of society should not come in between his love for his father.

It is not whether food comes first or ethics that we should decide. We should accept that, what is just a food for one might be an ethic to another.

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Dwarika Chandra on 2009-02-18 15:29:59 wrote,

Thanks for giving information , But you were can give more information.

Prashant Gaur on 2009-03-16 10:24:54 wrote,

Well is India & still ethics comes first dude...get a life....walk off...!!!!!

prashant jain on 2010-01-07 00:16:48 wrote,

i think food is the basic necessity of life not food comes firest,ethics later