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Small may not be beautiful all the time, but it is indeed complex, most of the times. I felt so after today's GD topic of whether 'Money can be the sixth sense that makes you enjoy the other five senses'.

Initiating a discussion is like walking on a double-edged sword... especially, when you have not got the topic much and no one else seems interested in broaching it. If you start well, you are through and if can not, then you are slaughtered, very badly.

So, I introduced myself and gave an extremely awful start like, "yeah... I think in many cases, money takes the place of sixth sense. Now what is sixth sense? It is about our intuitions. How much we can imagine things and understand some indirect signals given by nature; and depending upon these experiences, we take certain decisions, which determine our happiness in a longer run. In that respect, money also determines our happiness to a great extent and hence can be replaced with our intuitive capacity".

I knew it was not making any sense, but everyone except moderator looked impressed. After saying those difficult and confusing lines, I looked at my team members if anyone can add something new. But no one was still ready. So, after a brief pause of about 10 seconds, I started again, "what are our five sense. Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. We'll be able to satisfy all our senses, only when we have our basic requirements fulfilled. Money helps us in getting this done and hence is directly related with the satisfaction of these senses".

After this statement, I unknowingly deviated the GD from 'money as the sixth sense' to 'how important money is'. My team members, quickly lifted the deviated thread and started debate (and argument) over the utility of money in a person's life. How much it is required? Money's requirement in our happiness, etc etc.

Obviously, we all had several points for talking about an abstract topic like importance of money. Someone also said that money is essential for our five senses, since if we do not have a good eye-sight, then we need specs for complete 'enjoyment' and they can be bought from money only. That 'enjoyment' thing reminded me of a term called 'Nain Sukh Prapti'; I heard from one of my gali ke bhaiyas. That incident made me have a sheepish smile, right during the GD. Finally the GD reached nowhere. The time got over and we heard remarks for our pathetic inputs.

But the topic is really contemporary, especially in the context of Indians. This is because, we are into a half-cooked state. We are still swinging between our choices between east and west. There are a few things, where we want complete independence and at the same time, we are actually afraid of doing many of them. In short, we are entangled into the dilemmas and paradoxes comprising of liberty and culture. We have our generation, which is like a free flowing river. It considers you a coward and backward, when you hesitate in trying something new; and then you have an older generation at home, which expects you to have some genuine justifications for everything you do.

Its a struggle of placing 'am' between 'will' and 'was'. Few people do this work, very smartly. They know what has to be taken, to what extent and most importantly, where this learning process has to get paused. But everyone is not equally talented. So, others get caught in dilemmas; amongst all, accepting the necessity of money in one's life is really a big dilemma to deal with.

No one in this world can deny the importance of money, till he belongs to a tribe that still follows the barter system. For the remaining world, these green notes mean a lot. But, rarely you'll find people who'll second the thought that money is everything. "It depends on a person, as to how much importance, money keeps for him". Now this is a vague statement, which most of us easily make, knowing that no one is going to ask for any demarcation of limits.

  • There are people, who are money-minded in true sense. The moolah-factor can drive them crazy to any extent. They can steal and can even kill people for money.
  • Then, there are people, who may not conduct a crime like murder or theft, but shamelessly get indulged into corrupt activities for the sake of that extra-profit. They are unfaithful and immoral.
  • Then there are people, who do not have the courage to outrightly do some corrupt activities, because they are afraid of them. But, they readily become a channel, facilitating the process for bigger goons. They are like parasites and depend upon others for their fulfillment.
  • Then there are people, who want money in their life, but they do not feel comfortable with unlawful sources and hence ignore them to the best possible extent. They can get indulged into small activities like not paying taxes to save their money and then give excuses like- so many other people in this world are not paying their taxes, why should we then become over-honest.
  • Then there are people, who most of the times are very honest. They pay their bills, taxes and other dues, properly. They teach themselves the ways to live happily in whatever salary they have. They cut short their expenses and live a mediocre life. These people often talk about their honesty. * Then there are people, who have some more features added to the above category. These people do not accept mediocre life style and do every possible thing to improve it. Hard work, good jobs, overtime etc etc. We have too many people of this category in our Indian middle class families. Most of them watch CNBC/NDTV money etc etc.. they remain very interested in share market and feel proud about themselves, since they have succeeded in building a kinda fortune for themselves, despite starting from a humble background.
  • Then there are people, who are different from the above category in the purpose of earning money. They do not earn money to invest it in stocks. They have some specific aims, which can be anything, buying a house, a foreign tour or opening a school. These people too work in the same way, but feel good, thinking that their hard work is bringing them closer to their ultimate purpose. This category has low participation.
  • Then there are people, who never have to worry about money. Their parents earn more than they need..they just have to find out some interesting and innovative ways to burn it. These people have been sent on earth as the material of envy for all the above categories.
  • Then there are people, who totally discard the requirement of money in their lives. Their renunciation makes it difficult for them to survive in active world and hence they escape to forests. They eat wild fruits, wear large leaves and are popularly known as "saadhu".
  • Then there are people, who accept and realise that money is not everything, yet most of the times they think about money only. Their reasons for happiness do not depend upon money, yet they find money essential for everything. They live with an everlasting fear that if they wont have a sufficient amount of money, things would not work for them. They want to live a life without worrying about money, yet can not relieve themselves from the thought that they have to earn more and more. Since they know that money is not everything, they feel that they do not need it, but at the same time, it is very essential for them to earn it. And this paradox continues.. unfortunately, most of the sensible people of our generation fall into this category.

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Vikash Jaiswal on 2009-02-18 14:30:36 wrote,

wat a interesting article...... in the present scenario it is totally true

Aditya Prabhakar on 2009-02-18 19:52:33 wrote,

Yes and we have more eye openers waiting for you, do browse around!!

Chandra Bhushan on 2009-03-03 22:07:49 wrote,

Its really a interesting article to read.....

Rashmi Chandra on 2009-03-03 22:24:28 wrote,

nice article

Prashant Gaur on 2009-03-16 10:24:08 wrote,

hehehe...rightly said dear...!!!


sonia salwan on 2010-09-23 05:39:32 wrote,

ya! really it is an exclusive article.
great job

sonia salwan on 2010-09-23 05:39:42 wrote,

ya! really it is an exclusive article.
great job

tushar sehgal on 2010-10-07 09:15:15 wrote,

gud 1.....really practical

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nice article