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“Womens are the ornaments of society” really the womens are the top of every summit. Then why was the condition of these womens worst in the past.does the same prevails in this society even now ?.

The womens in the past were deprived of education .they were not given any active participation rights and neither any priviliges .the society was male dominated ande was ruled mainly by ethics and morals. But now the womens are enjoying the topmost supremacy and these have won over intellegence and mental capacity of the men.

Today if it was that the society was “male-dominated” then india wouldn’t have produced highlighting examples such as “p.t.usha-the women athlet”,”lata mangeshkar-the nightingale and the singer” and kalpana chawla-the indian astronaut”.

Today the proverb given above has proved true .the womens are really the pillars of the nation. Thanks to savitribai phule who was the first teacher who took dedicated efforts to teach womens of our country.

Even there are many backward areas and arenas where other womens try to walk on the same paths on which the developed indian womens do walk even now. These paths are “paths to success”.

The womens of this age have enlightened these paths .nowadays many of the monopolie,s see to it that the society in which womens live is unique and dominated by both sexes.initially the womens were bounded only to the household chores but now they enjoy a pre-dominant status.

After the battle of plassey took place in 1857 the main pioneers who protested against the opponents were no other than the womens.the womens do pose the capacity to walk with the walks of this century.

But it is said by o’l .henry

“there is a women at the beginning and at the end of every good deal or work”…………

Today womens hold a topmost and a predominant position in the industries . The president of congress party “sonia gandhi” recently organised a quota for the womens in the fields of politics .this means that the womens are walking with in the defence sector the womens do hold a place of soldier,doctor,nurses and so on .

The great women fighters in india like rani laxmibai created a legendry in the past and is still remembered in the glory and history.

“ the statue of liberty “which is symbol of peace and liberty is no other than the women .being a immortal statue it controls the entire united States of America .

Also in india one of the train running from cst to karjat is driven by the only women in central railway by name “surekha yadav” who is the first women engine train driver in asia and is on a high zooming trains running through the metropolis of mumbai.

Thus the women that gives birth is the only related victim of her own “childs birth”.

Thus respect womens and every life

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