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Single - Row Functions in SQL - NULLs and Single - Row Functions, Single - Row Numeric Functions, Single - Row Date Functions, Single - Row Conversion Functions, Programmer - Written Single - Row Functions, Other Single - Row Functions. Group Functions SQL - Group (Multi - row) Functions, Grouping Data with GROUP BY, Limiting Grouped Data with HAVING, Nesting Functions.

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Question: You want to display each project's start date as the day, week, number, and year. Which statement will give output like the following ?

Tuesday Week 23, 1997

Option A: Select proj_id, to_char(start_date, 'DOW Week WOY YYYY') from projects

Option B: Select proj_id, to_char(start_date, 'Day'||' Week'||' WOY, YYYY') from projects;

Option C: Select proj_id, to_char(start_date, 'Day" Week" WW, YYYY') from projects;

Option D: Select proj_id, to_char(start_date, 'Day Week# , YYYY') from projects;

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Good test...very intersting

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Good test...very interesting

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