Modifying Data And Security - Online Test

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Syllabus of Test

DML Statements - Inserting Rows into a Table, Updating Rows in a Table, Deleting Rows from a Table, Selecting Rows FOR UPDATE, Locking a Table, DML Locks in Oracle. Transaction Control - Transactions, Savepoints and Partial Rollbacks, Consistancy and Transactions, Enabling Transaction - Level Consistancy. Creating and modifying Users - Database - Authenticated User Accounts, Globally Autheticated User Accounts, Creating Authenticated User Accounts, Creating and Altering User Accounts. Privileges and Roles - Creating and Using Roles, Object Privileges, System Privileges, Roles and Role Privileges, Assigning and the data Dictionary.

Sample Question from this online test:

Question: When a program executes a SELECT...FOR UPDATE statement, which of the following must it do ?

A) Execute a COMMIT or ROLLBACK to end the transaction, even if no data has changed
B) Change the data values in the rows selected, then commit or roll back to end the transaction
C) Execute a COMMIT or ROLLBACK to end the transaction, but only if data has changed
D) Because a transaction doesn't start until data has actually changed, no COMMIT or ROLLBACK needs to be executed

Option A: A

Option B: B

Option C: C

Option D: D

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