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So finally Bapu is heading home ending years of ignomity and that too without any special effort from Congress led Indian government . Vijay Malya, a renowned businessman who always hogs the limelight for his sumptuous lifestyle emerged as India's saviour. This resplendent act of his not only earned him the deference he actually deserved but also saved India from facing the blushes. The retrieval of lost glory of our own "Father of nation" was'nt the priority of our government as nobody even tried to stop the belongings of Bapu going under hammer . Did'nt they had enough money or they were all much engrossed in filling up their own pockets.

Mahatma Gandhi's possessions went under the hammer even though after Delhi High court's stay and strong protest by Indian government . Liquor baron Vijay Mallya bid and won Gandhi's memorabilia at a New York auction on Thursday for Rs 9 crore. And as the news spread, a relieved UPA government proudly claimed that they had got back Bapu's belongings with Mallaya's help .But the fact has been disputed by the king of good times who says he did it all on his own. "I got it back. No one got in touch with me. Honourable minister Ms Ambika Soni's statement that we were in touch is wrong" .However, Mallya has promised to donate the entire collection to India. He beat bidders from all over the world including a large number of NRIs. His closest competitor was from Britain at $1.75 million.

In order to brush up the memory of our ignorant government, it was Mallya only who brought back the sword of Tipu Sultan . What could have been the reason why our government did'nt even tried to get back those valuable possesions ? Was it so easy for them to avert their eyes and let things happen . These unanswered mystery can raise one's hair in disbelief. Are we so weak and so money minded that we let go our Gandhiji crawling under hammer . And there is yet another question in reckoning that how did the belongings of Bapuji reached New York ? Were they sold by their relatives or is there another horrifying reason waiting in the wings? The answers can only be given by the government itself who has left the entire country in an appaling state of shock.

Now that India has got back Gandhi's legacy, it is perhaps time to ask whether we have done enough to retain his vision for India. And yes, the big question that arises now is that Bapu's legacy has been saved, but will it be preserved?

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Prashant Gaur on 2009-03-07 02:48:07 wrote,

Well he's the only one who brought indian glory back to where it was...kudos to you man...!!!

Chandra Bhushan on 2009-03-07 02:54:58 wrote,

If this man(Mallya) is a head of such market which Gandhiji dont lyks..... still he brought the Indian heritage... then i think its a big big slap on government..............
Perfect A TEN out of TEN Article..... Outstanding Effort Dear

Prateek Srivastava on 2009-03-07 06:15:49 wrote,

really a nice one.....a must read article

Ritesh kushwaha on 2009-04-27 13:08:05 wrote,

This article was flamboyant but written very brilliantly in a soothing way. ur site is really mindblowing in ur category