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I think we all know nowthat we are now all hit by recession. This has become a globalphenomenon irrespective of any industry, country. sector etc. India hadbeen riding on the success of IT for almost a decade. The success of ITand the money power of IT professionals helped many other supportingindustries like Hotel, traveling, logistics, catering, housing andconstruction, apparel etc to thrive and boom. But the basic factremained that we cannot always continue with that growth rate on thebasis of IT service industry. What we should have done was to divertthe money generated from IT into revamping core industries,agricultural production, infrastructure development, research anddevelopment of new products etc.

We needed to become revenue generatorsrather than just depending on US and European markets to use our ITenabled services. Our government is still a big mess in terms ofdevelopment and their level is still degrading day by day (Theyconcentrate more on blaming each other for failures, elections andstupid social issues). They are the biggest burden on our country (weare also to blame for allowing them to do it). Except Narendra Modi,not a single Chief Minister has focused in Industrial development.

At the present time of recession, we need to generate jobs inside India,not just in the IT sector (which largely is dependent on foreignmarkets) but also in non-government and government sectors. We need tobring out a system of inducing educated and experienced professionalsin the Government sectors also. There are so many untapped marketsinside India which can be utilized. We need to look beyond A levelcities & few B level cities, and look at the prospects of overalldevelopment. Need to get more VC's and entrepreneurs investing on thedevelopment of the real India.

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Prashant Gaur on 2009-03-24 00:32:18 wrote,

Well dear..wat growth are you talking about man....there is no growth at all at how can they sustain it wen there is zero growth..!!!