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Asthma is disease of urbanization

Asthma is a disorder of characterised by chronic airway inflammation and increased airway responsiveness in symptoms of wheeze,cough,chest tightness and dyspnea.asthma is a disease of urbanization. Factors such as increased pollution from vehicles, harmful gasses from factories and industrial areas are the biggest contributors to worsening asthma symptoms.exposure to second hand smoke and barbeque flames in restaurants,pubs and parties also trigger attacks.smog,pollen and dust particles are natural dander,artificial fur from soft toys may be all are silent enemies you are not even aware of.


Asthma is multifactorial in origin arising from the interaction of both genetic and environmental factors.airway inflammation characterising asthma occurs when genetically susceptible individuals are exposed to environmental factors but the exact process may vary fron patient to allergens are important factors which stimulate the production of ige.drugs,infection,smoking,anxiety and psychological factors.

Allergy the root cause of asthma

Most of us think of health as freedom from disease.but good health apart from the absence of disease encompasses a harmony between the essential functions of body,mind and soul.nature has given us tremendous capacity to live in good health.but as we keep deviating from nature laws anf as we are constantly exposed to various allergens,the body defense mechanisms keep getting weaker day by day.this often predisposes ourbody to disease and it tends to acquire various physical or mental illnesses.

Allergy is an abnormal and individual hypersensitivity to substances that are ordinarily harmless and which result in various types of reactions.

Asthmatic Attacks

The attack usually begins in the early hours of the morning.there may be some warning signs like restlessness,mental depression,sneezing,or cough and sense of the dyspnea increases the patient is compelled to sit up in bed panting.there is often irritable,unproductive cough which aggravates the severe cases cyanosis with increased pulse may be present.the attack may end abruptly with the coughing up of tough,viscid expectoration.sometimes the paroxysm continue for several hours or days status asthmaticus.

Essential Features

Episodic difficulty in breathing generally associated with cough and sneezing.main feature is episodes of narrowing of the airway which causes the symptoms.the airway in asthmatic are very irritable and go into spasm at the slightess stimulation be it mechanical,chemical.these stimuli cause airway narrowing through the nervous mechanism as well as by liberation of chemicals called mediators like histamine,serotonin.others factors are edema of mucus membrane as well as the accumulation of bronchial secretion in the interior of airways.the bronchial narrowing interfers with pulmonary ventilation and dyspnea which is often intense and is chiefly expiratory in character.expiration becomes more laborious than inspiration.the inhaled allergen rapidly interacts with mucosal mast cells via ige dependent mechanism resulting in release of histamine which lead to bronchoconstriction.


  1. Pulmonary function test 
  2. Radiological examination 
  3. Arterial blood gas analysis 
  4. Sputum and blood show eosinophil 
  5. Family and personal history


Patient education_this should be begin at the time of diagnosis and be revised in every subsequent consultation between patient and doctor.patient understand the nature of asthma and know the use of preventer and relievers.

Avoidance of precipitating factors is most important.

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