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Keep your cover letter simple. It's as simple as that. The purpose of an employment cover letter, fax or email is to get your resume into the right hands or channel. Once there - either at the correct person, decision maker or department that document - whether it is a physical cover letter, a fax or email should serve the purpose of getting you into the driver's seat. It's the interview you want first and foremost.

Make your cover letter plain simple and straightforward. What rules and guidelines can you follow to accomplish this? First stick with a plain style of text. Keep it simple and plain. Resist the temptation to add and polish, using all the advanced features of your word processor office suite on your computer or the advanced editing features now afforded in many email accounts.

Techniques For CV Writing, Telephone Interviews And Avoiding Identity Fraud!

First things first, get your CV right. A curriculum vitae (CV) can be used when:"Replying to adverts which say send full details or ask for a CV (it pays to have more than one version if you are applying for more than one job type - to emphasize your different skills)".

Not all employers accept CVs but if you do need to produce one you might find the following tips helpful.

  1. Use good quality A4 paper (preferably white or cream).
  2. Limit your CV to 2 pages.
  3. Stick to the same format throughout.
  4. It is optional to mention marital status, date of birth ornationality on a CV. Consider including a recent head a shoulders passport style photo.
  5. Highlight important information on the first page - this could be in a section headed skills or personal profile.
  6. Present your employment history in reverse order, starting with your present or most recent job. As you go back in time you can be briefer in your description of your duties.
  7. When describing your duties use positive, action words such as achieved, organised, succeeded, managed, participated etc.
  8. Do not leave any gaps - even if you have had a long time out of the job market, you may have undertaken community work or gained skills through interests or home making.
  9. Do not fold the finished document.
  10. Keep a copy and amend it for each application.

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