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Abf freight was established during 1923 and initially it was named Arkansas Motor Freightways. The company is a subsidiary of Arkansas Best Corporation and has been listed by Forbes magazine during 2005 as being one of the best 400 large-sized companies within the US. LTL happens to be the core segment for business at Abf freight and LTL is also called "Less Than Truckload".

What Abf freight Does

Abf freight is involved in providing freight transportation services for motor carriers. It offers services of the less-than-truckload variety for various commodities like appliances, apparel, food, chemicals etc. Abf freight happens to be one of the biggest regional as well as national carriers providing such services within North America. The company currently employs over 12000 employees.

Primary Focus

Abf freight mainly focuses on both regional as well as national transportation of various general commodities freight. These mainly encompass LTL shipments. Most of the general commodities include all types of freight except dangerous explosives, hazardous waste, commodities, which have an extremely high value as well as those commodities, which need special equipment or have to be sent in bulk. These shipments of general commodities from Abf freight are different from bulk shipment of raw materials, which will typically be transported via pipeline, railroad, water carrier etc.

Mission And Vision

The sole mission at Abf freight is to offer transportation services, which are reliable and to provide them responsibly so that the unique needs of customers are met. The company’s vision is to earn the reputation of a high respected and successful company, which proves to be profitable to its employees, stockholders as well as general public.

Rewards And Recognition

Abf freight has been featured in numerous prestigious magazines and won several awards and accolades as well. Abf freight has been featured in the list of the most admired companies in the world during 2009 in Fortune magazine. During 2008, the company received the recognition as providing outstanding philanthropic services from the Arkansas Community Foundation. In September of 2009, Abf freight was featured in InformationWeek magazine where the company was honored as using business technology in the most innovative manner. In fact, this was the fourth successive year that the company was listed on the magazine. The company is also the proud recipient of ‘excellence in security’ awards from American Trucking Associations. In December of 2008, Abf freight was named one of the topmost companies, which is to sell for and it was featured in Selling Power. This special recognition was based on thorough assessment of training, compensation as well as overall career mobility for organizations, which have sales forces comprising over 500 people. Thus, Abf freight has certainly lived up to its mission and goals of being a highly respected and reputed organization.

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