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It wud'nt be a wrong claim that Sri Lankans were brave enough to tour Pakistan. None of the nations including India were ready to play in the terrorist hit nation . The financial crisis was looming large on PCB as Sri Lankan board came to it's rescue and look at the rewards which has been heaped over them.Six of their top class international players are injured now.They were hit by bullets on their way to Gaddafi Stadium.Were'nt they provided enough security or is there some other interesting story to be unearthed soon.

Six members of the Sri Lankan cricket squad were wounded when a dozen gunmen attacked their bus as it drove under police escort the Gaddafi stadium in the Lahore, Pakistan. Lahore Police chief Habib-ur-Rehman said five people were killed in the attack by the unidentified gunmen, who fired AK 47s and rockets and hurled grenades as the team bus drove to the 60,000-seater Gaddafi stadium in the eastern city.

This incident has cited yet another example of the fact that threat of terrorism is not a local issue but it concerns the entire world. This maligned attributes of terrorism does'nt spare a single country . It does'nt matter to the terrorists that the country is developing or developed.Is it small or a large nation . They just spread terror at the frenetic pace and that's what the whole world needs to cease.

We can also spare a thought for Pakistanis cricketers who are suffering without committing a single sin . They were already suffering from lack of international exposure. And this incident might have prolonged their ordeal as international cricket in Pak is out of question for the time being. But, time is a big healer and we can hope of watching Pakistan in their own backyard in some years to come.

This incident is yet another blot on the so called gentleman's game of cricket where the devil of terror is smiling as a assassin over the widespread cricket lovers.It does'nt matter that Sangakarra,Samarweera or Jayawardene belonged to a different country,different race but what matters most is that they represent our cricket fraternity with pride and valour.The dignity of cricket is broght down by yet another act of terrorism but at this juncture we need to stand united and fight this evil . But as the saying goes "THE SHOW MUST GO ON" , if we keep our faith and interest intact in game,then this game of cricket will ultimately triumph over all evil!!!

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