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Conway freight recently made an announcement that it has completely re-engineered its shipping network to reduce the overall transit times it takes in delivery to 460 different locations in the US.

Reorganization Of Shipping

Conway freight has recently reorganized its entire freight shipping to include only the most direct and shortest routes thereby helping to reduce its operating miles as well as transit times by miles as much as 16.6 million! In the process, this strategic move from Conway freight will eventually help the company to save diesel fuel amounting to almost 2.6 millions of gallons each year, which amounts to a substantial save on fuel. It also reduces the carbon footprint of the company in this manner. 

Identification Of Opportunities

The Conway freight made use of simulation tools to help in the identification of opportunities for efficiency as per the press release from the organization. The company has always been engaged in searching for continual ways to enhance the service performance to all customers as well as reduce the environmental damage. With the help of various simulation tools as well as access to advanced technology, Conway freight has been able to evaluate many ways to help its freight services become more efficient. The movement of freight is thus being able to be performed in a more direct and efficient manner right across the route origin-destination. Conway freight has been able to reduce the overall miles in distance, fuel consumption as well as handling in the process.

Reduction Of Carbon Emissions

With global warming becoming a major concern all around the world, Conway freight is certainly doing its bit to save the environment. The new re-engineered pathways for freight shipping reduces a whopping 58.6 million of pounds in carbon emissions. This is equal to the amount of carbon emissions obtained from 5200 automobiles across the environment. 

Routes Included

The new direct and efficient routes introduced by Conway freight include routes between the Northeast and southern Texas, southern Florida and Chicago as well as southern Texas to Chicago.In a bid to refine its overall operations, Conway freight has introduced this latest initiative. During 2008, the company introduced a sustainability drive throughout the enterprise to detect as well as adopt new operating efficiencies. The same year, Conway freight was also instrumental in changing speed governors in the engine within the trucking fleet from 65 miles-per hour to 62 miles per hour. Thereby, the overall fuel consumption of diesel was reduced by 3.2 millions of gallons each year. The company was established during 1983 and has operations spanning over 365 locations within North America inclusive of locations like Romulus, Ann Arbor and Warren.The overall number of employees in Conway freight touches the 18000 mark and there are over 32000 trucks, which are operational.

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