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It is a tradition among Catholic families that a newborn baby must be christened by a priest in the presence of his parents and a godparent. Parents arrange for the Christening ceremony with a parish and the whole family witnesses the auspicious occasion. After the ceremony, there comes a party or a reception where the friends and family of the baby come together to celebrate the commitment the child will have to wards Christianity. All the near and dear ones of the baby bring christening gifts to wish the baby all the best for life and for his well-being.

The items brought by the friends and family are mostly religious or religion-oriented. If you are in two minds about what gifts you should buy for the little prince or princess, think of little figurines that could either be made of porcelain or willow tree, baby blankets, baby clothes, books, knitwear, baby care products etc. are quite good christening gifts.

A handwritten note of encouragement and blessings for the well-being of the child and an investment made for the future of the child could also be very thoughtful christening gifts for the baby. The traditional ideas for christening gifts prevailed around Bible, religious books, picture frames, rattles and infant jewelry. Keepsakes along with a keepsake box is even thoughtful in the sense that the child can preserve all her belongings inside the box and reminisce later when she becomes an old lady.

Jewelry can never go out of trend and thus, you can still gift jewelry like the a silver chain or a pair of pearl ear studs, a bracelet or a pendant with the baby's name etched on it are all good for gifting the baby as christening gifts.

For a Catholic Christening, you can also choose to go by the tradition to gift the baby in question. You can gift Christening photo frame, wooden plaque, pewter wall-cross, a baby bib set, a guardian angel figurine, or a baby quilt with his name embossed on it. All these along with your blessings and good wishes will be great christening gifts.

Birthdays are fun. They are exciting occasions when you feel all the more special. The birthday gifts that are brought for you from your friends and relatives are the things that add to the mood of the occasion and the joy.

Different people have different likings and therefore, the gift ideas for them also comprise of different and diverse items. The internet is a great place to search and find birthday gifts for all; irrespective of age, background, etc.

Take help from the internet. Search for items that you think can fit the personality of the birthday boy or girl the most. If you are not internet savvy and are more comfortable with creating your own stuff, you can go creative to make some unique birthday gifts for the person celebrating the most joyous day of the year.

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