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Heavy industrial equipments are passing through a lot of evolutions in terms of features and applications. Modern day industrial tow tractors and powered stacker exemplify this ground reality. Such machineries are as old as the wills, only they are morphing into new looks. Let us first have a look at the present day industrial tow tractors. They are kitted with an array of intricate features and have almost kicked the traditional buxom items out of the scenario.

A montage of top-end features and cutting-age functions is what make the industrial tow tractors stand out from and outsmart their peers. Though the sophisticated design is the buzz word for these equipments, they are easy to handle and maintain. The rider-operated tow tractors are easy and ideal to use at various places such as factories, warehouses, hospitals, and even at manufacturing plants.

Industrial tow tractors, being fitted with modern facilities have got tremendous strength of hauling up a burden of nearly 3500Kg without screeching and squeaking. Front wheel drive facilitates its operation for the drivers. Such monstrous power and high-end action of industrial tow tractors are empowered by heavy duty 24V 100 Ah mono traction batteries. 600 W motor illustrates the development on each front to make the newer version endearing to the users.

Such batteries used in industrial tow tractors provide service for a prolonged time a day as they come up with an in-built charger. It can speed away at the rate of 5Km/Hr. The forward and reverse operation with equal ease is really a pleasant experience for the operators while using these items. The ever presence of the braking system lends a sense of completeness to these industrial tow tractors. One thing that is worth mentioning here is that there is no blaring sound while such machines are in full swing. They prefer to maintain low profile even while dishing out high-end services. Therefore, industrial tow tractors do not add to sound pollution and not detrimental to the environmental health.

Enhancement of the functionality is not only restricted to only one product; rather all heavy machineries have benefitted from the technological progress. Powered stacker is one such object that features improvement in almost all perspectives, yet light in weight. This powered stacker comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most interesting and advantageous features of a powered stacker as well as industrial tow tractors is that they can be tailored made so that they can befit the needs of customers in Toto.

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