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Advertising is the most important marketing tool for any organization or firm. Advertising is also one of the prominent marketing tools which can evaluate the success-metre of a particular company or organization. The main objective of any ad campaign is sales. Rendering sales depends upon various factors and various strategies should be worked out to render sales. Before discussing the various strategies of a successful ad campaign have a look at one of the popular theories of advertising.

AIDA theory

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Let us discuss how AIDA works:

Attention: Gaining attention from the target group is the top-priority of any ad campaign.

Interest: Turning that attention into interest is again a priority for the particular ad campaign.

Desire: The communication of the campaign should be compelling enough to stir up a desire for the particular brand or service.

Action: If the desire is irresistible, the target group will rise to action (action in advertising means sales). And hence, the ad campaign is successfully carried on.

Following are few guidelines about how to deploy a successful advertising campaign.

  1. A well-defined target group: A well-defined target group is the top-most priority of any ad campaign. For this you need to undergo a thorough research. A target group can be defined by either a demographic survey or a psychographic survey. Demographic survey refers researching or studying about gender, race, education, income level etc. Psychographic survey refers various psychologically-related variables such as personality, value, lifestyle etc.
  2. A planned budget: Budget plays a key-role in any promotional campaign. Budget depends upon campaign to campaign. For example if your advertising campaign is about a new product launch in the market then, it will require a fat budget. For general promotional activities, budget can be minimised. However, whether it’s a big or small ad campaign, budget plays a primary role to operate the entire activity.
  3. Know your top-competitors: An extensive survey or study about your competitors is a must to carry on a successful advertising campaign. Once you figure out your competitors, you can devise and deploy promotional campaigns which can off-beat them. If you know your competitors then, it will be also easier for you to devise a communication which is more competing and compelling in nature.
  4. A clear and crisp communication: An advertising campaign should have a clearly defined communication. And it should be highly noted that the communication should not be lengthy enough to irk the target group. An ideal ad campaign should have a clear and crisp communication which is easy to understand by any xyz target group. However, clarity and freshness should be observed in any communication so that it grasps the attention of the target group
  5. Checking repetition: Audiences generally do not entertain repeated ads. If your ad is compelling or striking then it will stay in the audience’s mind. If you repeatedly try to convey your message, it may reduce to boredom for your target group. Hence, it’s ideal to advertise by checking repetitions.

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