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The 30th wedding anniversary brings the magic of pearls. A couple, who have spent 30 years of marital life, celebrates this special day with pearl gifts. The 30 years of marriage have seen it all; struggles, hardships, intimate moments, happinesses and sorrows. Traditionally, the anniversary gifts given to the couple on their 30th wedding anniversary should be made of pearl or related to pearl. But the modern era has, like in many other cases, defied the concept of pearl gifts and people now are giving unusual gifts that were never considered to be anniversary gifts.

Pearl can seem like a pricey item to some, but there are items that do not necessarily contain pearls and can yet be good 30th wedding anniversary gifts that too without costing you a fortune. Though it depends solely on the recipient as to what kind of items the person would like to receive, simple things like a poem addressing their heavenly love can be a good gift on the 30th wedding anniversary.

The poem would add a personal touch to the anniversary gifts giving custom. If you want to gift your spouse something truly special, a love poem is the right gift to tell your other half how much you still love him or her. Your wife would be all tears when you would present her with a pair of little pearl ear studs, encased in a pretty pink gift box.

If you are on the lookout for some stylish and classy 30th wedding anniversary gifts for your hubby dearest, nothing can beat the appeal of pearl cufflinks. Cufflinks are never out of fashion. They can be as traditional as they can be contemporary and add to the style quotient of a man. He can wear the pearl studded cufflinks at work or on special occasions or can even save them for the precious moments that you two will spend with each other.

If you happen to be a close relative of the couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, you can try and find out some stuff than can be appropriate anniversary gifts for the 30th anniversary. The stuff need not be expensive, but the essence of pearls should be there in it. Why not arrange a grand anniversary party for the duo? They will be all the more excited to see you organize the A-Z of the party.

Spirits are always good as gifts. You can add to the spirit of their 30 years of togetherness by presenting the couple with a bottle of fine champagne.

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