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At the age of seventy or eighty, a person becomes somewhat alienated from the surrounding. They feel less concerned about their material possessions. Rather, they get nostalgic at times over the days that they have left behind during the journey of life. From this standpoint, your idea of giving some material items as 70th birthday gifts to your grandpa or grandma may not succeed. It is better to think about what can put hues on the wrinkled chicks of a 70th or 80th year old person. 80th birthday gifts too should be less material in essence.

Either the activity of a person remains confined to a cool and comfy home corner or his or her mind runs free to have a feel of fresh air at the age of seventy and eighty. Take your grandfather to a seaside destination where he can soothe his eyes with a glimpse of the red sky during sunrise and feel young in mind. He would shower you with blessings for such a mirthful and mesmeric moment. No material gift items can outweigh the value of this gift idea when it comes to 70th birthday gifts. Such should be the emotional essence and touching quotient of 80th birthday gifts.

Your grandmother has unburdened herself of household duties long before she has reached the age of 70. At the age of eighty, the last stage of life, persons need refreshment to remain mentally active. Your grandmother will definitely cheer at the idea of a pilgrimage to some religious destination. Make a pilgrimage with her on her birthday. She would not find other 70th birthday gifts similarly tempting as the gift from you. No doubt, an 80 year old woman too will feel ecstatic over such 80th birthday gifts.

A bouquet of flowers is a rainbow of colors. It feels a person with a feeling of freshness. As one of the 70th birthday gifts, it makes wonder for the recipient. A bouquet of bright colored blossoms brightens the eyes and the mind. To make an old person feel rejuvenated, this birthday gift item is simply unique. The same is the impact of a beautiful bouquet as one of the 80th birthday gifts on an eighty year old man. There are many such birthday gift items that are less useful but emotionally more appealing for persons with senility. Why not enhance the ruffled looks of your grandpa or grandma with such ethereal gifts!

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