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Question: Overloading involves writing two or more functions with ________ .

Option A: Different names and different argument lists.

Option B: Different names and the same argument list.

Option C: The same and different argument lists.

Option D: The same name and the same argument list.

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Kumar Kaja on 2009-02-21 11:35:46 wrote,

Excellent paper preparation...

Aditya Prabhakar on 2009-02-21 19:49:09 wrote,

Thnx man keep visiting to find more of such kind!! :)

gajendra kumar jena on 2009-03-02 19:42:08 wrote,

pls check the answer of ques no4

Rajesh Kumar Gupta on 2009-03-02 20:25:30 wrote,

@gajendra kumar jena,
First for all thnkx for your suggestion and taking the tests. I have checkedout the test and i m pretty sure about the question no 4, it is correct.

gajendra kumar jena on 2009-03-12 23:16:55 wrote,

Thanks rajesh.i realy appreciated

Akansha Malhotra on 2009-03-12 23:24:08 wrote,

@gajendra kumar jena,
thnkx for ur appreciation.

Shweta Sharma on 2009-03-13 00:56:21 wrote,

no knowledge of OOPS ... oops.. !!:(

Rajesh Kumar Gupta on 2009-03-13 00:58:40 wrote,

@Shweta Sharma,
hummmmmm, you should check out our programming section ...... if u really want to learn OOP's !!!!!! ......oop's :-)

Deepak kumar Modi on 2010-07-27 08:17:39 wrote,

Good questions, nice effort..

prakash rathor on 2010-08-12 04:49:53 wrote,

thanks getgyan

Frans Dubois on 2010-10-06 03:43:52 wrote,


atul verma on 2010-11-17 14:22:35 wrote,

good, add some papers on computer organisation

jimmy cool on 2010-12-03 10:57:19 wrote,

thanx a lot foe such work

Astha Sharma on 2011-02-06 16:56:32 wrote,


Nitesh Kumar on 2011-02-11 19:51:47 wrote,

tell me friendz how can i learn oop?

NARASING RAO T on 2011-03-02 05:14:24 wrote,

nice effort

Ramalingam Seenidorai on 2011-03-07 10:34:36 wrote,


asha bisht on 2011-03-28 13:21:14 wrote,

thanks getgyan i got 80% in test

tushar joshi on 2011-04-21 09:38:45 wrote,

thanks alot

abhishek soni on 2011-06-15 08:31:29 wrote,

should be some advance ques could not fine :(

Nagoorbasha shaik on 2011-07-06 18:39:58 wrote,

it's super....

bablu sahu on 2011-07-11 12:59:05 wrote,

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Ismail Pasha J on 2011-07-24 08:20:36 wrote,

good. but if u explain with detail it will better to understand the core.

tushar joshi on 2011-08-05 08:33:46 wrote,

it's nice

satya prakash shah on 2011-08-06 07:03:39 wrote,

Thanks for giving such a platform to improve our skills...that's the way to prepare before any oppotunity..

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Kanika Kapoor on 2011-10-30 05:22:15 wrote,

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vivek dragon on 2012-02-17 14:31:22 wrote,

Easy one.........

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Gowri Naidu R on 2012-04-06 09:16:01 wrote,

Good paper .. Thank you..

nas has on 2012-04-11 13:35:15 wrote,

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Raman Kumar on 2012-05-08 11:35:59 wrote,

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Pleasant P V on 2012-07-28 08:15:21 wrote,

Some questions were confusing. But overall it is nice.

nitin haramkar on 2012-08-16 05:20:56 wrote,

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nitin haramkar on 2012-08-16 05:20:59 wrote,

nice test.........

Dharmendra yadav on 2012-08-26 21:35:39 wrote,

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arslan saeed on 2012-10-29 16:09:35 wrote,

good for getting oop concepts

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prashanth kumar thadaka on 2013-04-29 07:07:44 wrote,

thank u. I got 75% of marks

Shruti Phattepur on 2013-05-12 05:53:51 wrote,

its a nice opportunity

Radha Jha on 2013-06-24 06:04:24 wrote,

was very easy..........give me some good questions.

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