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Students begin to feel jerky once they have been assigned dissertation writing by their supervisor. Writing a dissertation stands against their doctorate degree as an obstruction but students have to take on the dissertation writing challenge.

The best way to start dissertation writing effectively from the beginning is to make a proper outline for your dissertation. The outline serves as a road map and makes your way through successive dissertation writing.

If you are confused how to begin your dissertation and need dissertation writing help; then here is the general outline that you should follow:

  1. Citation Styles: Obviously, it’s your institution who would decide the style you have to follow for your dissertation writing. The most commonly used citation styles are APA, MLA and AMA. APA style is generally used for social or behavioral science, MLA is used for arts, literature or humanities while AMA style is preferred only for biological sciences.
  2. Proposal: Dissertation proposal is the most crucial part of your dissertation writing. At first, a student must convince the supervisor about his/her dissertation proposal and cover all the facts that he/she is going to present in his/her dissertation. Your proposal should have a problem statement that set framework for your dissertation writing efficaciously.
  3. Literature Review: Your literature review should reflect the logical ideas you have presented in your dissertation writing. Since, the literature review relies on secondary data; therefore, you don’t need anything experimental to review literature. You just have to highlight the vital points in your literature review.
  4. Research Methodology: There are numerous methods to proceed on with your research methodology. Whether to go for a qualitative, quantitative or mixed research (qualitative + quantitative) in writing a dissertation depends on the questions you are going to answer through your dissertation.
  5. Result Writing: You should know the purpose you are going to serve while writing a dissertations results. Since your research results comprise of three portions i.e. text, table and figures. Therefore, you should convey the idea behind each portion of your result to audience with references.
  6. Conclusion: Last but not least, you should summarize your work in form of structural conclusions to make a proper sequence for the work you have put in your dissertation writing.

In a nutshell, you should follow your dissertation writing outline as a rule of thumb for writing a dissertation that stand out with huge rounds of applaud from the audience.

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