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Anniversaries in general and wedding anniversaries in particular are celebrated through the exchange of gifts by the couples. Gifts attribute charms to the celebration of a wedding anniversary. There is no substitute to gift items that speak out your love, lend words to your thoughts and give a vent to your emotions for your life partner who has joined her hands with yours since the wedding day. Turn up with 40th wedding anniversary gifts for your partner in the very morning of the ruby wedding anniversary day.

Like silver and pearl jubilees, the ruby anniversary carries off the bell. The 40 year long period of togetherness and bonding is not to be sniffed at. It calls for celebration. The best pick from the basket of 40th wedding anniversary gifts would be the best contribution on your part to the celebration. Ruby is the theme of the 40th wedding anniversary celebration. Ruby stands for love and passion without which the marital life is drab and dull.

Whatever be the item to gift your partner, it should be dipped in the color of ruby. Gift items for this particular occasion, should reflect the gleams and glitters of red as intense as rubies. 40th wedding anniversary gifts can be flowers, balloons, cards, keepsakes and jewelries. Make sure to have the gifts for your partner in tune with the theme of the anniversary occasion. If apparel or accessory is your choice for her, get it studded with rub colored stones or crystals.

Similar are the sentiments about 50th wedding anniversary. The charm of golden wedding anniversary is denser than that of ruby wedding anniversary. It represents the completion of 50 years of marital life. So, the 50th wedding anniversary gifts should be more meaningful than the 40th wedding anniversary gifts. The golden anniversary gift for your life partner should be evocative of the thoughts that are associated with the significance and meaning of the occasion.

Glitters of gold are ever lasting. A set of gold jewelry will readily be accepted by your wife. A dress material with golden gleams would surely do wonder to beautify her on this special day. The 50th wedding anniversary gifts should be as valuable as gold. It may not be lavish and luxurious, but it must be touching. Make sure to keep your choice in rhythm with the value and worth of the 50th wedding anniversary occasion. Don’t give a miss to the celebration of the day.

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