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Different kinds of people living in the world some kinds of people are happy with their work and position but some people are not happy they want to something new. The mobile phone users who always watches further some people switching over old mobile from new mobile so seeing costumer like the newly launches device Nokia X97 mini contract deals are the great mobile which comes mind blowing look, outstanding feature, beautiful stylish look and it is launches in white nice color.

Nokia N97 white is always in trend it has good battery back-up, it is best deal for everyone. This set N 97 white is very surprises in this phone include everything you can use emailing, instant massaging and internet you can more download good capacity, camera, beautiful picture.

The Nokia N97 white set is the size of 117mm x 55mm, sleek body, 110 mm of length, 15 mm of depth 49 mm of width it is very light weight of 97g due to light weight you can carry very easily in your pocket or your hand it display screen is 2.4 inch TFT and 240 x 320 pixels it has 16 million colors amazing pretty picture, enjoyable video and games also.

Internet is necessary for knowing information wherever you go. You use computer and laptop but it is not easy to carry anywhere. Nokia N97 white is 5 mega pixels you can take beautiful video and picture smoothly with a dedicated camera button and slide lens clear sound and video you can get enjoy anywhere video, MP3, FM radio you can shoot video even in darkness the battery back-up of 432 hours, music player of 40 hours many gifts offer like laptop, cash, T.V, watch etc the talk time is 9 hours 30 minutes.

Nokia n97 mobile phone contract deals are unique sleek and wonderful white color it is affordable more advantages for users and do not require paying the advance the monthly payment during the contract duration.

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