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CAD outsourcing has been one of the instant gratification task. The client delivers the task at 10pm and before he/she starts the work next day morning the work is completed and ready to be delivered. This smooth execution and turnaround time has been the biggest benefactor of bringing CAD outsourcing tasks into India and other Asian countries from US and European market. Besides cost the main benefit has been time saving.

Although the work seems to be simple however, the main issue has been the quality and maintenance of proper standards. It is very unlikely that CAD outsourcing companies develop any form of sophisticated Client specific layering standards for their work. Client A CAD output files say it be 2d drafting, 3d drafting, construction documents, design documents or simply raster to vector requirement maybe very much different than Client B. The need to such details is a process and with proper convergence of technology and understanding of the subject, a CAD outsourcing company can formulate the proper profile based layering standards to ensure each time and every time the CAD output files are correct and quality assured.

We at Logiseek, Inc, being a technology as well as a CAD outsourcing company have developed such techniques and can easily handle from simple to highly complex and high density CAD sheets within 24hrs turnaround time and still maintain the optimal quality and standards. We develop an initial analysis process through the first few tasks that we do for our clients and within 40-45 days we are in a position to have developed a custom build profile for that specific client. This is essentially how far the client is in accordance to AIA standards and how much of a customization they have rendered in their tasks which makes them unique. We believe without delivering such systems we cannot provide value proposition and become partner to your CAD client.

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