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In this competitive time we race towards over-commitment and hyper active sales strategies to close a deal and while we are doing that we unfortunately lose the touch of building a sound foundation with your Client. This is the biggest NO NO for any business to develop sales without Knowing Your Clients (KYC). Sales and Marketing is essentially a technique to build a bridge between your Client's needs and your offering say it be in Product or Services.

In CAD Outsourcing in terms of 2d drafting, raster to vector, construction documents, design documents and so forth, this is critical. We do hear a lot that there is no Customer loyalty and companies change vendors for cost savings. I think this statement is partially true and I feel the more emphasis at all times is governed by parameters like timely delivery, customer satisfaction, quality assurance and yes a more personal human relationship with the Customer. Businesses cannot grow just on price-war basis, at the end of day your quality and customer satisfaction is the main criteria. One can still create an edge and charge more for their products and services by creating/building a brand equity.

While covering companies on CAD outsourcing market I came across one such company who has been persistent and consistent in terms of their quality, service of excellence and timely delivery for past five years and still maintains the same level of commitment with every account they handle. The company is Logiseek Inc, specialized on 2d drafting, raster to vector and Construction documents. They have a stellar customer base and each one of them is like an advocate to Logiseek. Such is the quality one should try to bring in CAD Outsourcing. Irrespective whether the task is highly technical or non technical, the emphases should always be timely commitment and clear communication.

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