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There is no much difference between social beings and domestic animals. An uncivilized man behaves like a wild animal while a trained pet behaves like a civilized being. A child needs to be trained in social manners and etiquettes from the initial stage of childhood. Likewise, training is necessary for a domestic animal like cat. There is a specific training procedure for the behavioral development of natural cat litter.

Next to dog, cat is a favorite pet of many. People train their pet puppies on how to eat, how to walk, how to play with ball, how to react in emergency, etc. Cat litters too deserve to undergo a formal training. They have senses just like we have. They have unique perception power to distinguish between the good and the bad. Therefore, it is easy to train green cat litter.

  • The first step of training for pet cats is to make them respond to your call. Train them in distinguishing between a loving voice and an angry call. Get your natural cat litter responsive to the sounds or names that you use to call them or make them approach you. Making them identify your voice in distinction from others’ is a part of the training.
  • Cats take a like to climbing. To get to the window, they try to climb up scratching the curtains. Colorful curtains add to the interior beauty of a room. But curtains with vividly visible scratches spoil the room décor. Moreover, cats pulling the curtains make pelmets fall down on themselves. For their own safety, they should be trained on how to get at the window without pulling the curtain when they are green cat litter.
  • Cats are in the habit of digging earth. Digging the soil around houseplants does harm to the plants. Sometimes, they get onto the flowerpots and scratch the petals of the flowers. Instead of keeping the flowerpots at a place on high, train your natural cat litter to love flowers. Make them smell the fragrance of flowers and caress the buds.
  • Getting into the garbage can is another habit of cats. They lift their forelimbs up to get the lid of the garbage bucket open. Once the lid is removed, they take no time to spread the tidbits out of the bucket here and there. Train the green cat litter to develop a dislike for dirty smell from rubbish and keep away from the garbage can.
  • Cats become a nuisance when they shred the corners of the carpet spreading on the floor. It will hurt you, if they make rubbish of a beautiful and expensive carpet. They can be prevented from doing so through formal training. Teach thenatural cat litter to play, roam around and sleep on the carpet.
  • Scratching is among the ingrained instincts of cats. While prancing around the home, they leave scratches on the walls and furniture. It spoils the shine of furniture and paint of the walls. If they are trained, they will desist themselves from indulging in such a nagging activity. So, get yourgreen cat litter trained.

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