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Supreme Court recently gave judgement that the country needs good students and not leaders engaged in goondagiri and dadagiri in colleges and universities. As if taking cue from this observation, UP Chief Minister announced a ban on students' elections in the state. Since independence this is the fourth time that such curbs have been imposed in the state. The ban, says the CM, will improve law and order on campus and regularise academic sessions. In December, 2006 we saw unrest in Lucknow University over the recommendations of Lyngdoh committee on student polls.

I have been to LU myself and there is no doubt that the campus election has become a playfield for small time netas who masquerade as students. There is lot of tension whenever a poll is around the corner and major sufferers are common students. The problem is that politicians meddle a lot in student elections of LU. The students go and jump on business establishments to extract money before elections. Aspiring candidates have atleast four gunmen and new cars to campaign. They are not afraid as well because of political backing. This criminalisation of youth politics is very disturbing.

However, a ban is unjustified. Political activities in the Universities is natural because the university is a community of thinking people,of those who are exploring the frontiers of knowledge and of those who criticize and evaluate every idea before accepting it. The active presence of constructive politics and true democracy can effectively defend the anarchy and disharmony in campuses. There are also evidences of harassment faced by students in the "non-political campuses." The college authorities in the name of campus decorum often used to crush even the genuine protests of the students against misdeeds and exploitation. In private campuses the students' council is a nominated one and which is mere puppet in hands of management.

Instead of such blanket ban, state government should ensure they implement recommendations of Lyungdoh Committee. This lackadaisical approach on the part of national parties and poll authorities will only delay the turnaround process and undermine the spirit of healthy competition among many who may become India's future leaders.

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Prashant Gaur on 2009-03-17 01:37:03 wrote,

Well someone gotta show this article to our college administration...!!!