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Samsung Marvel S5560 Pay Monthly is a thin touch screen mobile phone that released with Samsung in its S-series. This handset has weights 95.3 grams and fits simply into one's hand and pocket. Samsung Marvel S5560 Pay Monthly is one of the best and latest additions to the ever expanding line of handset produced with the company. It brags of powerful and condition of the art features that influences it through the competition. This smooth design enables it's consumer to seem cool as well as keep up with the times and technology. With this handset, you can get enjoyment a lot.

The best feature the Samsung Marvel S5560 Pay Monthly is the lack of keypads. To exchange for keypads, you just need to use its 3-inch 240 x 400 resolution display as it has touch cushion features. With the help of this easy interface, not only can one make calls but also send text messages and other things also such as to music, browse the web, take pictures, send e-mail, and do almost anything with a touch of one's fingers. Through Samsung Marvel S5560 Pay Monthly, you can do away with carrying a camera or an MP3 player. There are available 5-megapixel digital camera that is capable to take both photos and videos. With this fantastic camera, you can capture amazing and unforgettable moments that never again can one miss catching a special moment as it happens.

You have no need to bring another music player as the mobile phone can play with MP3 and WMA music files and many more and unlike there are many MP3 players the S5560 that has an FM radio where you can tune into one's favorite FM station. You can use the 78MB built-in memory or get bigger it to up to 16GB with of microSD memory card to amass video clips, photos and music files. There is one of the best features that are available in this phone offers. This handset is able to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi connectivity. There is opportunity of other connectivity options that include EDGE, GPRS, and Bluetooth making one to never feel detached ever again.

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