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A Remote Beach painting

All of us are creative in one way or another and like to enjoy the concept and splendor of art in some form. Whether the vision we behold is scenic natural beauty or a superb outfit, everything around us is art.Each man-made or God created instance of art has some meaning behind it and the same can be said about this impeccable A Remote Beach painting.

Flowing Clouds, interesting weather, the mysterious sea and green trees are all complementing each other in nature’s perfect way. It seems the intended magical moment of paint on canvas has been perfectly captured. This painting reminds me of the wonderful time I spent near the beach with a cool breeze touching my soul and inspiring me to soak up the view.

The time was ecstatic and can be very well seen in the beauty of the view. Drawing natural sceneries from a remote corner are always a challenge. It makes me give out my best. The view had been captured from my hotel room. The flowing sea water and the changing color of the shore sand with its movement were enthralling. Capturing this magnificent view in my painting is a treasured souvenir of the astounding time that I spent at the beach.

The time was romantic. The sun was about to set and everything around was still clearly visible. Walking down the seaside shoreline has always given me immense joy and pleasure, but my choice of capturing this magical and spectacular view in my painting so that I can cherish the vista forever was truly the right decision. The painting depicts happiness and serenity. It is different from those beachside paintings that show the wild nature of the sea waves and fluttering trees.Despite the wind is blowing at a great speed, the sea is not violent. All natures’ elements were playing their roles amazingly and making the atmosphere pleasant.

The remote view of this painting is my presentation of how a beautiful sea would look from a distance. The high trees surrounding the beach are hiding most of the sea from my hotel room, but reveal enough of a peek to invite one to see things happening at the shore. The clouds were gliding speedily because of the gusty wind. The scene got darker and more exotic as the sun started to set. The setting sun added a whole to new life to the scene. The color of the environment changed altogether. Any person would have loved to see such perfect scenic beauty and admire it.Both the day view and the view at time of setting sun were thrilling.

The evenings building chilly breeze made me realize I chose the perfect time to begin my painting as any delay in it wouldn’t have allowed me to capture it as perfectly as I did when the air was soft and gentle and the natural light glowing magnificently. There is something special about this painting because it made me come closer to nature and know my potential even better.

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