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Advertising brands through OOH (Out of Home) media has become a settled trend amongst the advertisers. Accredited amongst the top list of advertising mediums, outdoor ads provide focussed and targeted brand message to the customers. Connecting customers and brands, outdoor advertising is considered as an exclusive means of brand promotion. In this article, some striking features and benefits of outdoor ads are briefly discussed.

Outdoor ads quickly grasp the attention of customers- In the absence of outdoor ads, moving out of home would have been a mundane or boring experience for everyone. Outdoor ads create a vivacious environment around us which encourages us to move out of home. Human vision is prone to watch anything colourful in nature (whether a poster or billboard) for which outdoor ads serve the purpose. The attention grasping nature of outdoor ads make it one of the effective means of brand promotion amongst the target groups. It is also worth mentioning that outdoor ads store the brand message in the audiences’ minds and let them carry home (which leads to brand recall later).

Outdoor ads are everlasting- Which type of advertising is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is not surrounded by editorials, and still can be targeted to reach specific customers? Of course, it is outdoor advertising which fulfills all these criterions of brand promotion. This everlasting nature of outdoor advertising for a longer period of time makes it one of the most effective channels of brand advertising. With technological induction (for example the introduction of digital billboards, signages etc), it is now possible to edit and change existing content or image. The advertising media remains static in such cases while the content or image can be remotely monitored by experts. This revolution has changed the entire facet of customary advertising. Saving time, effort and budget, modern tools of OOH advertising have topped the chart of the most widely used brand promotion tools.

OOH ads provide direct brand message- Time is valuable. Outdoor ads value time which is why OOH ad displays provide direct brand message to customers. Talking straight and delivering what is required, outdoor ads cater to provide valuable brand information to customers without taking much of their time. The ad copy used for a particular outdoor ad display is usually short, crisp and clutter-free so that it generates brand awareness quickly and consistently without confusing the target audiences. Likewise, image or images used for launching outdoor ad campaigns are relevant to the brand message and create immediate impact on customers at a quick glance.

Outdoor advertising is also an excellent adjunct to other types of advertising. It can be embedded with other brand promotion mediums such as television ads, radio ads, print ads etc. Evaluating all its features and benefits, it has been rightly acclaimed that outdoor advertising is an ideal means of brand promotion which provides focussed and targeted brand message to customers.

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