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After graduating from university, I was fortunate enough to have my parents offer to support me for a year before I took over managing the family restaurant in Auckland. The only condition was that I had to learn something.No flying to the UK and sitting in London hotels drinking Sherry all day. I wanted to contribute something during my travels and I love cooking, so I decided to eat at each of the Michelin Guide’s 3-Star restaurants across the world, taking notes and bringing back that information with the hope of being able to take advantage of it in planning our own menu.I wanted an easy start, so my first visit was to Australia, where I stayed in several Melbourne hotels while sampling the local cuisine.

Packing my iPhone and MacBook Air, the first thing I did was to hit, the site of choice for smart New Zealand travelers. I was going to be flying to multiple countries during my quest and it was going to be expensive.However, by leveraging with its database of 110,000 hotels and 170 airlines, I was able to save a considerable amount of money while booking some of the finest hotels available.I didn’t feel at all guilty for staying at the best Paris hotels because with my iPhone and, it was like booking at a discount location.

You might think that for someone from New Zealand in search of fine dining, Melbourne hotels would have little to offer.On the contrary.Because is such a full featured travel site, when I booked the Australian leg of my trip, I was able to snag not only excellent hotel deals, but a complete package that saved me even more money by combining hotels and flight.Plus I was able to book activities (like a guided tour of the Carlton Brewery), and even insurance.

When it came to the UK, of course I booked my London hotels online as well.There were a pair of 3-Star restaurants to check out there and I took advantage of the time to do some sightseeing as well, booked months in advance using my computer.No sitting in the hotel drinking Sherry, but as I rode around on a red double-decker bus, I was already on my iPhone, double-checking my Paris hotels.

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Jack Lennon is chronicling his quest to dine at all 81 Michelin 3-Star restaurants, worldwide. With France having the highest concentration (with 26 of the exclusive 3-Star rated restaurants), Jack spent a considerable amount of time staying in Paris hotels. Of course, restaurants of this caliber aren’t cheap, so saving money on travel and accommodations is important. Even though the city was lacking in 3-Star venues, Jack began his quest in Melbourne, only a short hop from New Zealand. He was happy to find that the food in the Melbourne hotels he visited exceeded his expectations, making for a good start to his marathon foodie experiment.


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