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One may spend hundreds of dollars on various marketing tools and still end up being unsuccessful. So, what is the magic formula that can ensure success in their use? Well, unfortunately, there isn’t any. One can use a few simple tips presented here to extract maximum benefits out of various marketing tools.

  1. Email marketing: In order to ensure successful email based marketing plan, one can proceed in the following way.
    1. Provide email subscription option on business website, where users can subscribe to the newsletter via email.
    2. Send email newsletters at regular intervals such as every week, month or quarter, describing new product launches, industry news etc.
    3. Create an attractive and informative newsletter. It should be such that the customers should look forward to reading it.
    4. Keep updating the email list and encourage recipients to take an action such as buying a product or service.
  2. Website: While designing a website, one should take care of following points:
    1. The web design should be attractive enough for the visitors to stay on the site and explore its features.
    2. The navigation between different web pages should be easy and links to different pages should be provided either on top or side, preferably the left side.
    3. Company logo, trademarks and colors should be used wherever necessary to provide a corporate look.
    4. The customers should be able to get in touch with a representative at any part of the day and hence, dedicated staff must be hired and trained for resolving queries of customers.
  3. Corporate branding: It is quite difficult to build a brand name and even more difficult to maintain it. The business owner should never let the quality of its products and services fall below the desired level. It should resolve all the customer complaints and queries as soon as possible. At the same time, it should take note of the feedback given by others regarding the products and services offered by it and if possible, adopt them as well.
  4. Flyers: Only one or two font types should be used while designing the flyers. Along with that, the font size should be same in a flyer. Too much experimentation with flyer design can reduce its effectiveness. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, one can take help of a professional designing company

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