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There are a lot of self storage places that offer different features. Which self storage unit you choose should be the one that is best suited for your needs.

Issues of a self storage unit:

The most important consideration in choosing a storage unit is what it is going to hold in storage for you. If you are going to store wine and alcohol you should make sure the storage company allows you to do so. There are some restricted items many storage companies will not let you store.

In the case of wine you may want to consider a storage unit that specializes in wine and liquor storage. The place where they are stored must be climate controlled or else the wine corks may dry out. If not stored properly, champagne may explode. If not climate controlled to a very exact temperature the wine may age too fast. Even liquor is not meant to be stored in high heat or to endure prolonged freezing temperatures. True, cases of wine or liquor long buried in the ocean do survive but they are actually in a very climate controlled atmosphere with pressure being exerted on the cases all of the time. And they are never disturbed except when they are discovered.

Some places may consider the storage of wine to be a bonded storage which means it is exempt from tax until removed and shipped to the ultimate buyer. If this is your own wine you are storing you do not want that type of wine storage unit.

If you insist in storing wine in a non-climate controlled storage facility then you take the risk of it being ruined and you may as well not bother storing it at all. A self storage unit may be the wrong choice for you. Of course you can store anything but you alone will suffer any consequences if something untoward happens to or with these things.

You can use one of these units to store boxes of books for long periods of time. The only considerations are that the unit be pest proof. Whether they keep pests controlled by spraying or the units are actually created so no pest can get in is also a consideration. If you are storing books you don’t want them to pick up the odor of a pesticide, especially if they are valuable in any way. You also don’t want any of the pesticide to seep into the boxes either.

This would be true of other items also. If you are storing everyday clothes then you can always wash them to get rid of the odors. But if you are storing clothes, just like books they may be susceptible to damp and may mold or even rot if kept damp. Again a climate control unit may be the answer, especially if your items are antiques or very valuable.

When using a storage unit that is a self style unit you have to make the choices to protect your goods.

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