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House removals, London to another country will have different requirements if the move is outside of the European Union or if it is within the European Union. The move to another country on a different continent will be a more lengthy process then one that is a house removals London to another EU country.

In the move to another continent your goods may be going via intermodal services. This is when your goods are picked up by a trucking company then delivered to an airport or seaport then loaded onto a plane or boat. Generally household goods are not shipped by train but they could be in some instances and some countries. When the plane lands or the ship docks your household goods will be loaded back into a truck and will be delivered to your new home.

You may also arrange a port to port location which would differ from a door to door pick up and delivery.

This type of move will require a lot of coordination. Your goods will have to be accepted by the port authority in the port and through customs in the new country. You will also need to have visas or passports or what ever documents are required for your arrival. Of course you will not be arriving with your goods. You will have to make your own travel arrangements to your new location. This includes your spouse, children and animals, if allowed.

There are removals, London based or otherwise that specialize in International moving. Some of them may even belong to a group that was started in Brussels in 1950 called FIDI agents. This has evolved from a European group to a large international one. International movers are certified by this organization in many aspects. Their prices may also be higher because of this certification. But you should have good peace of mind if you utilize a member for your international move.

When you are looking at an international move you and the mover need to consider the time it will take to get from your old door to your new door. There is packing time, loading time, then transport to the port and the loading onto a ship. Then there is transit time to the destination port. Time has to be allowed for customs clearance and release to the next phase shipper. Then there is the loading and transit time from the port to your new home.

Other considerations are that the items will pass through more than one mover or shipper. They will also be handled by the shippers, cargo un-loaders, dock handlers, the shipping cargo people and maybe others. All of them have the opportunity to damage your goods. The main cause of damage to household goods is the marring, scratches or denting of goods. The second cause is breakage. So you need to pay particular attention to how the goods are packed. Plywood boxes are great unless they are too well used and should be assigned as firewood.

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