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Switching from traditional tobacco to Electronic Cigarettes can bring about numerous benefits. This includes traditional benefits to your health, environment benefits and budget benefits. It is absent the thousands of chemicals, toxins, carcinogens, and Cancer-causing agents typically found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, making the e-cigarette the safer choice to alternative smoking! Amazingly, the e-cigarette looks, feels and functions exactly like a real Cigarettes so you get all the enjoyment of smoking without all the toxic smoke! E-cigarettes contain ONLY water, liquid nicotine, and flavoring. There is absolutely NO tar, NO carcinogens, NO carbon monoxide and NO particulates. Since the E-cigarette is electronic, that means that it does not burn.

Other Fantastic Benefits

No tobacco smell on clothes, hands and hair or breath. No tobacco smell on furniture, in car or in the home. No dirty ashes ruining your clothes or personal property. No need for matches, lighter or ash tray. No risk of fire from dropping cigarettes. Cheaper than regular cigarettes. Cleaner air means cleaner environment.

Using this modern device is found to be less costly as compared to making use of tobacco. The electronic device contains a single cartridge used for refilling vapor systems. This makes it budget-friendly and practical compared to the traditional ones that you have to buy a pack of tobacco per day.

E Cigarettes are one of the best alternatives to smoking because it reduces the risks that are linked to smoking. It simply reduces the amount of smoke which can also reduce the development of certain health conditions caused by second-hand and third hand smoke.

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