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Rheumatism is not a single disease. It pertains to a whole range of conditions, all of which cause pain. These conditions affect the joints, the muscles and the ligaments. Rheumatism is more common among the middle aged and elderly people. The exact cause of most forms of rheumatism is not known. Exposure to wet and cold may aggravate the pain. There are many types of rheumatism, and some of the most common ones are:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Osteo-arthritis
  3. Gout
  4. Ankylosing spondylitis
  5. Tennis elbow
  6. Frozen shoulder
  7. Cervical spondylitis
  8. Fibrositis

Causes of Rheumatism

  1. Poisoning of blood with acid wastes
  2. Physically stressful work
  3. Damp weather conditioner
  4. Acid-alkaline imbalance (Acidosis)

Home Remedy for Rheumatism

  1. An effective way to treat rheumatism would be to have one or two tsp of raw potato juice before meals.
  2. Mix 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil in a glass of orange juice. Whip and drink this juice before going to bed.
  3. In a glass of warm water, dissolve 2 tsp each of apple cider vinegar and honey. Have this concoction once or twice a day.
  4. Mix carrot juice and lemon juice in equal proportions. Have a large spoonful of this concoction, everyday, to cure rheumatism.
  5. In two tbsp of water, add one tbsp fresh limejuice. Have this twice a day -in the morning and at night.
  6. In a pint of warm water, mix juice of three lemons and three tablespoons Epsom salts. Take one tsp of the mixture in the morning and one in the evening.
  7. Mix oil of wintergreen, chloroform and rubbing alcohol in the ratio of 1:3:12. Once the mixture is prepared, rub it on the affected area.
  8. In a quarter of cranberry juice, dissolve 4 tsp blackstrap molasses. Drink one glass of this juice everyday, for curing rheumatism.
  9. Peel some potatoes. Wash 30 grams of this peeling in half a liter of water. Strain the decoction and have it three or four times daily. This is an effective way to treat rheumatism.
  10. The green stalk of rhubarb is effective in curing rheumatism. Crush this with equal amounts of sugar. Have a tsp of this mixture three or four times everyday.
  11. Include foods rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin C in the diet. This would help in treating rheumatism.
  12. Extract a cup of bitter gourd juice. Mix it with a tsp of honey. Daily dose of this, for three months, would be helpful in treating rheumatism.
  13. Celery is beneficial in curing rheumatism. You can either use it as a condiment or a fluid extract. 5 to 10 drops of this fluid should be mixed with a glass of hot water. Have this decoction before meals.
  14. Consuming half a dozen walnuts everyday is beneficial in treating rheumatism. However, make sure you chew them properly.
  15. In a bucket of warm water, add some rosemary oil. Dip the affected area in this water. This would provide relief from the pain and treat the inflammation as well.



Eat fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits. Drink one or more of the following three times each day: orange juice, fresh lemonade and grapefruit juice. You may also eat the fruits if you prefer. Drink the juice or eat the fruits first thing to get the vitamins working in your system.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid eating meat and fish, caffeinated beverages, sugar, white bread and pasta, alcohol and pickled or very salty foods. All of these foods are acidic and, while they won't cause your rheumatism to get worse, may inhibit the work of the healthy foods in the rheumatism diet. The fewer acidic foods you eat, the more likely the alkaline foods will flush away the toxins causing rheumatoid pain rather than the acids in the foods you've just eaten.

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