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At this stage of life, when you are 20, it’s difficult to increase height because of various biological changes occurring in the body.  You cannot actually increase height in inches and cm but can definitely make yourself look taller.

Read on the following natural ways to look taller:

Eat a nutritious diet in order to maintain your figure. Proper and well balanced diet will provide you energy and regulate all your body functions. This support will definitely give you more energy to move out and involve yourself in some kind of physical exercise.

Good amount of physical activity will also aid in maintaining your figure. The slimmer you are, the taller you look.

Involve yourself in physical activities and yoga postures like konasanas, trikonasanas, and suryanamaskar. You can also do exercise while keeping your legs wide open and arms stretched. Move your arms in a stretched position from up to down, right to left and side rotation. Do these exercises with proper breathing through inhaling and exhaling.

Apart from doing exercises, you can also add special types of clothing styles to your wardrobe that can help you look longer. Clothes with vertical stripes, vertical color separation and knee length suits will help you look taller than what you are.

How can one increase weight?

Take to a diet for three to four days. Take 100 to 150 grams of bran with the fruits. The best way will be to mix bran with a fruit like papaya. It will increase appetite, improve the digestion and remove costiveness, if any. One will tend to eat more and the capacity to assimilate food will be increased.

Foods like flour, rice honey, raisins, figs, dates, butter, and etc. can help increase weight. Sweat substances can increase weight than fatty foods. Those wishing to increase their weight should become pure vegetarians and eat fruits, rice, flour, fresh vegetables, bananas, dry fruits, butter, and milk. Germinated wheat is also extremely beneficial if taken in the form of gruel mixed with hot milk.

Increase Height through Simple Home Remedies

  1. Stretching exercises serve as the best way to improve your height. A person can increase 3 inches height by following these exercises.
  2. A proper diet is vital. Make sure you take a diet that is high in vitamins, minerals, calcium, proteins and zinc. Eat lots of fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits. Drink milk regularly to increase thickness of your bones. These foods not only help in increasing height, but also are important for good health.
  3. A sound sleep is important. It is the time where the brain is much relaxed and higher levels of growth hormone is released. A tired brain will often inactivate pituitary gland and cause the less release of human growth hormone. Thereby, leading to reduced height. A minimum of 8 hours sleep is required.
  4. Involve in outdoor activities such as swimming and cycling, as they aid in adding height. These activities help to tone your muscles and there is an overall improvement in fitness levels and personality. Basket ball, tennis and skipping help in increasing your height to a large extent. So, follow them regularly for best results.
  5. Several different kinds of yoga asanas are helpful to grow tall. One of the posture is tadasana, in this exercise you will have to stand straight with hands over the head. Now join hands in such a way that the arms touch ears. Balance your body weight on toes and hold on for 10 seconds. This asana should be done for about 5 times in a day in order to increase height.

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