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A `stress` condition seems `relative` in nature. Extreme stress conditions, psychologists say, are detrimental to human health but in moderation stress is normal and, in many cases, proves useful. Stress, nonetheless, is synonymous with negative conditions. Today, with the rapid diversification of human activity, we come face to face with numerous causes of stress and the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Ways to relieve stress

  1. Know your limitations and let others know them too
  2. Take a different route to work
  3. Leave work early (with permission)
  4. Put air freshener in your car
  5. Watch a movie and eat popcorn
  6. Write a note to a far away friend
  7. Cook a meal and eat it by candlelight
  8. Recognize the importance of unconditional love
  9. Remember that stress is an attitude
  10. Keep a journal
  11. Practice a monster smile
  12. Remember you always have options
  13. Have a support network of people, places and things
  14. Quit trying to "fix" other people
  15. Get enough sleep
  16. Talk less and listen more
  17. Prepare for the morning the night before
  18. Avoid tight fitting clothes
  19. Avoid relying on chemical aids
  20. Set appointments ahead
  21. Don't rely on your memory...write it down
  22. Practice preventative maintenance
  23. Make duplicate keys
  24. Say no more often
  25. Set priorities in your life
  26. Avoid negative people
  27. Use time wisely
  28. Simplify meal times
  29. Always make copies of important papers
  30. Anticipate your needs
  31. Repair anything that doesn't work properly
  32. Ask for help with the jobs you dislike
  33. Break large tasks into bite size portions
  34. Look at problems as challenges
  35. Look at challenges differently

Another Ways to Reduce stress

  1. Touch, hug someone, hold hands, stroke a pet, make non-sexual physical contact with people, and brush your hair.
  2. Communicate; be honest with your Self and others. Ask for what you want. Express your true feelings when they occur.
  3. Drink at least eight, 8 oz. glasses of good water a day. This flushes toxins out of our body.
  4. See the humor in life. Laugh at your self and life. Have fun and "play" at life.
  5. Meditation 15 minutes a day. Take time to relax, sit, breathe deeply, quiet your mind. Record In-sights and dreams in a journal.
  6. Be Human. Let up on yourself. Forgive your self and others. Slow down and enjoy being alive.
  7. Communicate with friends. Spend time with each other. Share the good stuff.
  8. Hug three people each day. Relax and enjoy the feeling of
  9. Quit worrying about the Future. Concentrate on what you can do NOW.
  10. Make a TO DO list of your agreements for each month. Schedule both play time and free time, and do both activities.
  11. Write it down. Make notes to yourself. Make a list. Write special dates down on your calendar. Put it on tape.
  12. Clean it up Recycle old junk and papers. Clean your physical and mental house of old garbage.
  13. Wear comfortable, clean clothes that make you feel good about yourself.
  14. Avoid doing anything to excess, even having fun.
  15. Express and receive love as often as possible to yourself and others.

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