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Photo frames are considered one of the best presents which you can give the baby for any occasion. When you are searching for a perfect present for a baby we always think of toys, clothes and other essential items which the baby needs. This item is the last thing which comes to our mind. But, giving these items as baby gifts holds a lot of merit. This gift will surely be cherished by the baby and his family for many years to come.

In the eyes of the parents babies tend to grow very fast. This is the reason why parents try to capture each of their baby’s moments with the help of a camera. Photo frames are a great way to preserve these cherished photos. When the child grows up and moves to college, the picture encased in the frame refreshes the parent’s memories which they had shared with their child. If you give these items as baby gifts, be sure that your gift will hold one of the memories which are precious to them.

There are several varieties of photo frames available in the market which will be suitable for the baby. Some of the most popular ones include baby hand/ foot print frame, first year frame, baby hospital tag or bracelet frame, personalised frame, baby shadow box frame, etc. Each of these picture frames is unique in its own way. As baby gifts, baby hand/foot frame is the most popular among gift givers. To make the hand or foot print of the baby you can use different mediums or make molded impressions or simply use ink. This frame usually has two openings, one for the print and the other for the picture of the baby.

The first year photo frames signifies the baby’s first year. This frame mostly has twelve openings to encase the picture of the baby taken in each month. It makes wonderful decorative items as it is usually made of metal or wood. This frame will be a perfect gift for the baby on the occasion of his christening or birthday. The baby hospital tag or bracelet frame is an artistic way to give the newborn a first set of jewelry. These baby gifts also have two openings, one for the bracelet and one for the picture of the baby.

Personalised frame is also very popular as baby gifts. The frame is usually made of sterling silver, silver plated or solid pewter. Majority of the gift givers purchase the silver plated frame as it is very elegant in its look and design. Since this frame is made of sterling silver it is of excellent quality. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Before, picture frames were usually available in rectangular shapes but today they are available even in circular and ellipse shapes.

To give these personalised photo frames your own personal touch you can engrave some special message or quotation to the baby. Shadow frame is also a very popular gift for the baby for any occasion. In this frame you can insert all the special mementos of the baby like hospital tag, the piece of his favorite cloth, etc.

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